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Welcome to my growing list of free tutorials.  They cover a variety of topics, so just scroll down until something looks interesting and catches your eye. Enjoy!  Regards, Carla

Free Tutorial Links:

Tablet Info series by Carla Barrett

Tablet Info series by Carla Barrett


Tablet Info For Quilters (and Artists) Series- a 4 part post on things to consider when buying a tablet for creative reasons.

Part 1               Part 2                Part 3             Part 4



Mokuba Freelace Tutorialmokubafl1Learn how to create a wonderful scarf using this wonderful product!  Mokuba Freelace is not your average water soluble material to play with.




10 Ways to Create With a Tablet– This post shows you 10 ways you can use a Tablet to create with.  Targeted to quilters, it also applies to zen doodlers, embroidery artists, fiber artists, and any one who like to create digitally!



Stitch In the Ditch for Stand Up Quilters– Learn how I approach this finishing task for custom quilting!



Recycled T-shirt Scarf –  Create a fun, fast scarf out of an old t-shirt (I raided my husband’s closet for one) and fabric paint.  Did I mention it took me less than an hour to make this (not including drying time?)

practice sheet 1 by Carla Barrett


Feather Practice 1– First in a series to assist any machine quilter with freehand quilting feather design.  I am expanding this series and will be offering it for purchase as an eBook format soon.  Click here to see Feather Practice Worksheet 1.

Inktense Fabric Paint Tutorial– This project is easy, fun, and makes a lovely gift.




Carla’s Bedside Organizer– Handy, practical way to keep things organized at your bedside!


Beaded Angelfast easy gift in 10 minutes or less!  This pattern makes a lovely Christmas gift or ornament for the holidays!


Alligator Beaded Bracelet TutorialFun project for children and adults using seed beads.



Free Peyote Bracelet Tutorial– Fun, easy bracelet to make for beginning bead weavers!  These also make great gifts, too.




Carla Swirly Designs for Borders and sashing


Machine Quilting Design for Sashings and Borders 1- Simple quilting illustration to use on your quilt top.




Machine Quilting Design: Berry Swirl design Another simple quilting designs to use when completing your quilt.

Carla swirls and berries


freeform beaded necklace by Carla Barrett

freeform beaded necklace by Carla Barrett

Freeform Beading Tutorial-

Learn freeform to create jewelry or combine with quilts or fiber art to make cool stuff!





Chunky Quilted Squares– For when you just need to quilt, but don’t have your machine.


Selvage Quilt Tutorial– Great way to cut off and use those fabric edges!



Microwaveable Heat Wrap/PackFast and easy giftto make this holiday season.  Make some heat packs and include them in a nurturing gift basket.


Metal BookmarkBeginner project for people with no metal experience.  Most materials are easily found in your local hardware store.  This would  makea wonderful inexpensive holiday gift this season.



Recycled Thrift Store SweaterRevamp an old sweater to create a stylish new garment with crochet!  Be thrifty and green- all at the same time!



Carla Bird– My first tutorial on how to make a bird out of fabric using scrap material to hang on your wall. Pattern Included:


Fabric Stash Organization Tutorial- cool, archival way to store your fabrics!


Carla’s Inchie Tutorial for sit down or stand up quilters and sewers. What is an inchie? See my link.

Eraser Carving – Part One and Part Two– Easy to Follow directions on how to make your own stamps using either Nasco Safety-Kut or art gum eraser.


Stencil Cutting for Quilters, Rug Hooking, etc.– make your own stencil instructions.


Wool Garment Deconstruction How-To– Using the philosophy of recycle/reuse, here’s how to spot wool at your thrift store, take it apart, and wash it.

Keep watching for future tutorials!!

53 thoughts on “Free Tutorials

  1. I’m wondering if you sell the sock monkey fabric.
    I love sock monkey.

    Hi Iris, thanks for stopping by. The sock monkey fabric was put out last year by a major quilt fabric manufacturer. I’m not home right now to check which one, but if you google the terms, “sock monkey fabric” I bet you find many online sources. Other online sources: Hancocks of Paducah, ebay. regards, Carla

  2. Good evening….I have stumbled upon your baking potato bag pattern, and wondered if you allowed the pattern to be used in a class, if credit were given to you oro

    Joan Grove

  3. Thanks for asking, Joan. Go ahead and use my downloadable tutorial pattern for your class, crediting Carla Barrett . This particular bag pattern was written by me when my Aunt Gwen gave me a potato bag. There are also other patterns floating around the internet too.

    I actually use my potato bag all the time and it really does a great job! In fact, I used it just last night.

    Once I even conducted a test between the traditional method for microwaving potatoes and this method- which was fluffy, moist and yummy!

  4. Carla, I was researching Inchies and came upon your blog. It’s a great blog, and your tutorials are extremely well written and helpful. I’m in between projects for a few days and think I might try a couple…do you mind if I post them and link to you? TIA, Sarah E. in TX

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  6. Hi Carla,

    I am trying out your Potato Baking Bags. They go together very easily. I’m sure that the serging fanatics out there would find it even easier that way!

    I would like permission to use this with my local guild. I think it would be a great “make and take” project.

    Thanks for your tutorials. You are one very diverse lady!!


  7. hi sarah, I’m on vacation right now in Kauai, but you may certainly use my tutorial with your guild. All I ask is you credit my name as author. Plus, I would love to see pictures!!

    Have fun! Carla

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  13. Hi Carla! Saw your quilting in the Folsom show! Congratulations on the awards, you certainly deserved it!
    I left a comment on the survey card, that longarm quilters deserve to be listed on the story card, since they do HALF the work!!.. Anyway, I have a quilt that needs quilting, and I would like to sign up for your longarm quilting class!! How do we do this? Thanks! Nancy

    Thank you, Nancy! I agree wholeheartedly with you! In fact, I also believe guilds would earn lots of kudo points to give multiple ribbons on group quilts, and an extra ribbon for any category such as Best Machine Quilting or Best Applique- one goes to the actual person who did the work being celebrated, and one stays with the owner of the quilt.

    Just Google High Sierra Quilters and go to their class list. I teach different classes each teaching schedule. This schedule I am teaching only 2 classes and I understand they filled fast and there is a waiting list. I also teach private and group instruction in my studio, too, these have a stand up quilting focus. Just email me for details. Thank you, C

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  15. I saw your Purple Garden quilt on and I was impressed. I have a question. How did you do the back of the quilt? I can understand the great quilting, but how do the colors match so well the quilting? Did you dye the fabric after quilting? WOW! Your work is impressive. Take care, Anna Maria

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  17. did you have a tutorial on the rag purse? I think it’s so cute and I did see a picture, but I was still confused.

    Hi Angie, I love the rag purse, too and have made at least a half dozen of them. I do not have a tutorial because I learned it from another designer’s pattern and I am not the original designer.

    If you want to purchase this pattern, I asked my local store carry them there. The store is called, High Sierra Quilters, and their phone number is 530-677-9990. Just call them and say you want to purchase the sock monkey rag purse pattern that they ordered in for a Carla class. They are nice and helpful, just say I sent you. LOL Take care, Carla

  18. Just a comment about one of the comments regarding giving credit to quilters at the Folsom Quilt Show. I am a member of that guild. We always give credit, however, this year a mistake was made on printing the cards that were hung next to the quilts. As soon as someone realized it and brought it to our attention, we handwrote the quilter’s names on the cards and announced over the loudspeaker system frequently throughout the day that the quilter’s names were accidently left off and please refer to the catalog we print of all the quilts. This catalog had detailed information that each quilter supplied to us, which included the quilter’s names.

    Thank you for pointing this out, Denise. As we know, so much work goes into a show and sometimes a mistake happens. I do appreciate that the Guild announced this oversight on the loudspeaker for the remainder of the show. I did receive an apology from the guild through my collaborator, Barbara, which was very nice. I also appreciate that Barbara herself wrote my name on the 3 quilts she entered, too.

    I hope you will stop back by for a visit again. Also, you can read more about your guild mentioned in various posts by searching for “Folsom Guild” in the search box in the upper right hand side. Regards, Carla

    • Hi Stephanie, yes, I give both group and private lessons. I also teach at International Machine Quilting Showcase, and to guilds and quilt stores.

      If anyone is interested, simply leave me a message. Thank you for your interest! Carla Barrett

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  25. Carla,

    Do you have plans in the near future to give another online class like you gave on MQR? Quilt Whisperer. . .I just found the site as you were finishing up and would LOOOOOOOVE to take a class like that from you. If you are giving anything of the sort elsewhere online, please let me know so I won’t miss out!

    Thanx, Brenda

    • Hi Brenda, I love to teach online classes, so yes, I plan on teaching several later in the year. I can certainly put you on the notification list, if you would like.

      I also have a Quilt Whisperer Yahoo Group where you can also pick up information from other quilters. The site is at . You can copy and paste if that is easier.

      Thank you for asking! Carla

  26. Carla, I need to talk to you on the phone. I have looked everywhere for your phone #. Mine is xxxxxxx. I have sent your web-site all over the US because of the potato bag pattern. I work for Hancocks and they quit sending out the pattern but my name is still on the internet somewhere. I get request for it almost every week I have had 2 this past week. I just hope that me giving out your web-site is o-kay. If you have seen more hits than usual that may be why. Thats what I wanted ton talk to you about. Pleassse don’t put my phone # on line. THANKS. Dawn

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  28. Thank you so much for your online tutorial on free motion feathers. Finally, I can learn how to do them the proper way. Looking forward to any of your online classes. Thanks

  29. Just found your site – I do a lot of home decor sewing. I have made raggy quilts and patchwork quilts from blue jeans. I am big on reusing any type of fabric. For the first time I entered some work in our local fair and won a first for my pink ribbon/breast cancer raggy quilt. I was so excited. I am in the process of hand-embroidering a king size quilt top, almost half done, then I hope to have a friend show me how to hand quilt it. Any suggestions on a type of hoop for hand quilting would be appreciated.

    • Congrats on winning your first place ribbon!!

      A hand quilting hoop… there are so many brands and models. Make sure the wood is of fine quality and smooth.

      Every hand quilter seems to prefer different sizes and types, and a few hand quilters do not use a hoop. Thus said, I would think that most hand quilters use a hoop of some size and variety.

      My first hoop was a large oval and less than $25. If money is no object, one company, Grace makes a lovely, tiltable lap stand you can locate for about $100.

      You mentioned you are making a king size quilt. I would recommend locating a local longarmer to baste it for you This will save you lots of headaches and make the quilt sandwich easier to handle as you quilt it.

      Another option for you, due to the size of the quilt is to locate a large quilting frame. This is pretty much how they quilted quilts in days well past and whenever ladies used to get together for quilting bees.

      Have fun! Carla

      Since you friend is teaching you, I would suggest you ask her for her suggestion.

  30. Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
    I may try using a large frame from a local women’s group that does not use it anymore.

  31. I was looking for freeform crochet suitable for beginners, and found your blog. Just what I was looking for! Thank you so much, I look forward to reading more.

  32. Hi Carla, I saw somebody mention in a message board last night they were taking your Quilt Whisperer 101 class. I had not heard of it before, and Googled it to find you and your site. I am so disappointed I didn’t learn about it in time to sign up! It sounds like a great class. When will you be holding this one again, or any other future classes? I am very interested in signing up when you do it again. Thank you.

  33. Thank you for the tutorials. One thing else I’ve learned is that most quilters only make feathers look good going from the bottom to the top. That’s the reason for the double spine, or sewing two times on the spine. I really struggled until I realized that the feather starts at the spine goes up from the bottom around the hook then back to the spine. Or think of the way you write a capitol C we learned to start at the top and finish the round shape to the bottom. Like so many things this isn’t the direction for a feather! At least not for me.

    • Barbara, thank you for your comments. When I was new to machine quilting, I taught myself to feather in all directions- Bottom up, Top Down, Clockwise and Counter Clockwise. Each feather quilter will find the method they like best, and then use it in their work. What is exciting is with practice, any quilter can develop their own “feather style.” I can spot a Carla freehand feather a mile away, but also can look at a freehand feather by Jamie Wallen, for example, and know it is his work. Have fun with your feathers and draw/quilt them in the direction you like best!

  34. Absolutely wonderful blog. Had it bookmarked and just had some time to reasd it. Sad that I didn’t get to it sooner. Am looking forward to trying somw of the projects. Thanks again Janice Fields 😀

    • The link should now work… thanks for letting me know so I could fix it. I am just finishing a necklace/bracelet combo for this one jacket I love to wear using this pattern.

  35. Bonjour, Je viens de découvrir votre site et je suis intéresser par ” Tutorial perle Ange ” vendez-vous le matériel, si oui a combien, s’il vous plait.
    Je vous en remercie d’avance.

    • Merci pour votre demande. Je ne vends pas les perles et des résultats , peut-être un site en ligne serait vous aider à localiser ce que vous avez besoin. Merci pour l’écriture . Cordialement, Carla

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