Alligator Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

While on vacation recently,  I found this adorable alligator bracelet made from seed beads:

I decided this would make an easy project for beginning beaders to make; including groups of kids and young minded adults.  Here is a picture that shows how you wear it:

Here is the pattern for this project.  I sized it so you could print it out:

Obviously, basic beading skills are required.  The alligator in the picture was made using the Ladder stitch for each row and pulling the tension very tight.  Adapt this basic how-to on beading with the ladder stitch illustration work with this project.  This means that instead of stitching with one bead at a time, you ladderstitch each row per the pattern above.

For the thread, use any you have on hand.  You could even use elastic if you wish or thread which have a little “give” to it.

Note that this project has 2 sides, a front and a back side.  I am planning to make each side seperately, then stitch them together and add the toggle and beaded bead.  Alternatively, you could do both sides at once.

Here is what it looks like worn:

If you make yourself an alligator bracelet, send me a picture so everyone may enjoy it.

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Have fun!!  Carla Barrett

10 thoughts on “Alligator Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

    • You Moved, Linda!! Wow, I hope you moved all your art supplies and work?

      I want to see your gator if you make one. I may make one tonight myself and photograph is in progress, too.

      Hugs, Carla

    • I saw the directions for the alligator beaded bracelet, but for some reason I don’t understand the instructions. Do you have any detailed directions that you could send me? My email is
      [redacted to prevent spam]

      • Rickie, each colored dot on the pattern represents a different colored bead. you may print out both handouts. Directions are also given within the blog post, so be sure to note any extra info on the handout sheet.

        Notice that you use the Ladder Stitch (instruction provided) to bead weave the front and the back of the alligator body, then sew the front and back sections together. If you are not familiar with the Ladder Stitch, I would encourage you to visit You Tube for a video lesson.

        You may use any closure you want, though the sample alligator has a beaded bead closure.

        Hope this helps! Carla

  1. you rock! as a Fl. resident this bracelet resonates w/ Gator Fans..What fun for both me and the Gran kiddies to make..thanks a bunch!

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