Feather Practice

I thought I would share a few of my feather quilting practice for anyone needing to learn or improve their feather skills.  I am starting with my freehand feather handout #1 (pdf), shown here:

barrettfeatherpractice1  (right click to download this pdf file)

practice sheet 1 by Carla Barrett

practice sheet 1 by Carla Barrett

Directions: Print out 5-10 copies of the handout, and trace over all gray lines.  Next practice in the spaces provided.  This practice sheet covers drawing a freehand feather, feathering a simple spine, a curved spine, filling a space with feathers, and turning a corner while feathering.

This is a first post in a series for improving feather technique.  If you like it, and want to encourage me to write more, please leave a message below.  Thanks, Carla Barrett

46 thoughts on “Feather Practice

  1. I love practicing feathers! I love practicing everything for that matter! Thanks for putting this practice sheet out there for all of us. I love your designs!

  2. Thank you . I am definitely going to print and practice. I like the idea of practicing of paper. I would love to have help with more design practice. I like the idea that you started the design and we get to “finish” it up.l

  3. This is just the kind of thing we trawl the internet for – thank you so much for offering to improve our technique. Any help would be much appreciated!!

  4. I”m also going to print and practice. I can do a single feather pretty well but the complete fill confuses me no end. Looking forward to other practice sheets–yes, please, keep going.

  5. Yes, this is an excellent idea and I certainly would benefit from more practice with feathers and other designs. I like that you give us a starting point and we can go from there. Please share more if you have time. Thanks so much.

  6. I really appreciate your tutorials, suggestions, and practice sheets. They are so helpful for a feather novice like me! I will take as much help as you are willing to give!

  7. Thank you for taking the time to comment. My goal is to help and encourage other machine quilters. Remember, that feathers do not have to be perfect, the freehand imperfections are what make free motion quilting so desirable. 🙂

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  10. Thanks so much Carla.
    I am amazed at the generosity of quilters, helping one another
    learn and enjoy this wonderful craft! I never thought I would be able to do feathers but
    now I am beginning to believe I can…

    • Hi Terri, thanks for your comment! Yes, you certainly can do it! Confidence is really important and even if you don’t feel confident, fake it until you do. LOL Have fun!

  11. Hi Carla

    Thankyou for sharing this. I have been quilting for 7 years and have only just made my feathers not look like rabid chooks. I practice and doodle all the time and will ceratinly be printing this series off and appreciate all your effort.

    Jenny Gerdei – Quilted by Jenny – Australia

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  16. I´ll never get enough of feathering, thanks so much Carla!!!
    I´ve had a Baby Lock QDrive longarm for almost a couple of years but only now just added micro handles, should make the freehand feathering much nicer.
    Happy Quilting and hugs from Germany, Bobbi

    • Greeting from California, Bobbi! I appreciate your stopping by and saying hello. I do hope you will share your feathering journey on your own blog, too. 🙂

  17. Thank you for making feathers look easy to do! Have been afraid to try them for fear of ruining my quilt! This takes the fear out of it. Thank you for sharing!

  18. I just saw this pinned and also must add my thanks for the feathers tutorial. Feathers are one of my favorite quilting designs but one that I struggle trying to quilt.

  19. just found you and I am so thankful for all 10 PDFs that I just downloaded … now to find time to quilt!!

  20. I couldn’t be more excited to have found you. I’m just learning feathers and I appreciate these lessons. I need confidence. Thank you so much.

  21. Obrigada por compartilhar seus conhecimentos. Nunca encontrei alguem para me ensinar como fazer as penas.Vou praticar muito e sempre que vc puder nos ajude.Obrigada.

  22. Love these helpful tips. Not yet brave enough to do free form quilting. Very messy when I try. Maybe someday. Making 21 throw size quilts for my grandchildren and know I am going to get very tired of stitch in ditch before I am done. I think feather stitching is beautiful

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