Photoshop Elements Organizer eClass

CARLASCREENDoes your computer screen look like the one on the left?  Confession time: that is what my screen looks like now.   It is rather embarrassing to admit this.

I have decided it is time to organize all the images on my desktop and in my folders, so have signed up to take the Photoshop Elements (PSE) Organizer course by my friends, The Pixeladies.  Won’t you join me so we can hang out in the classroom together?

Here is one article on the topic that will show you how easy it will be to organize by facial recognition:  

seabiscuitI will also learn how to organize all my sailing shots, like this one of a sea biscuit.

Knowing Deb and Kris like I do, this will be but one tip among many.  I am looking forward to it!    I had the pleasure of visiting with The Pixeladies last week, and had a studio tour of what they are working on.  I was blown away with their works in progress, including some wearable fiber piece.  Click HERE to see their gallery page of past work.

Long time blog readers know I love PSE as a design tool to create many of my designs, including this whole cloth digital quilt, shown below.  Now I can finally learn more about the organizer part of this program.


copyright 2014 by Carla Barrett

13482941_700572440100513_5258495292675427050_oSpeaking of using PSE, I recently had a baby quilt to do for my friend, Barb.  Using PSE, I drew out a simple fish design for her quilt, then imported into Art & Stitch to digitze and save in an extension read by my Intelliquilter.   Here is the very simple fish panto:

To sign up for the class, just head over to The Pixeladies website.  Regards, Carla

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