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A quick shout out to Laurie over at Tip Junkie site for featuring my free tutorial page on her site!



Busy getting ready for my upcoming trip.  For those of you who enjoy reading Feathered Fibers on a daily basis,  I plan on blogging daily-  so you can join in on the boat trip as sort of an online stow-a-way!    In case you are a new reader,  I will be crewing on board a boat delivery that starts in Fort Lauderdale, and ends in Bar Harbor, MI in about 2 weeks.

Of course, I have to bring some beads and yarn, I figure I will make some items for my artfire shop grand opening.

On the quilty front, the quilts have arrived home from MQX safe and sound!  I appreciate the judge’s comments, too.  How exciting to get constructive feedback for a change.  For my non-quilters, feedback good or bad is needed so you know where to improve your technique.

Questions for my quilting readers, do you appreciate the judge’s comments or dread them?

Hugs from Carla

6 thoughts on “Tip Junkie

  1. Say Hi to Florida for me. Lauderdale is astonishing. Truly. Ooohh, key lime pie. oh oh oh.

    It is very simple to make actually, if you don’t already know how, and your sister doesnt either, which maybe would be weird, pick up a couple of bottles of key lime juice and I will send you the recipe!

    have some for me, m’kay?

    Yes, I LOVE key lime pie. Joe makes it and he uses the key lime juice, too. I would love to try your recipe, Oreneta! Hugs, Carla

  2. The first “show” I entered was the “100,000 dollar quilt challenge magazine”. I was surprised when they asked me to send my quilt, because they were only picking 5 quilts per category. I didn’t think I had a chance to even get that far. The criticism they gave, and the way they conducted themselves was encouraging and positive even though I never made it any farther than that. I was sorry this publication is no more. I would’ve re-entered, and tried again.

    Jacksonville Quiltfest is another show I would definitely participate in. Although I never got a ribbon, they hung my quilt in a location where everyone saw it as soon as they walked in. That was two years ago, and I still have people tell me they remember and saw that quilt at that show. The judges didn’t really have anything negative to say, and overall it was a positive experience to participate.

    Although I had a quilt juried into Houston this past year, I’m not sure I’d enter another quilt there again.Even though I know it’s the show of shows in this industry. Because I didn’t even get to go and see it there, for one thing. Which is a drag not to experience people’s reactions to your work first hand, after putting a lot of time and effort in. But also, when they moved it into a different category than the one I had selected, I knew it wouldn’t do well. Then as I would expect, the criticism seemed to follow along those lines that it didn’t hold up to the competition. Why would it? It wasn’t even the category I entered it into…like comparing an orange to apples in an apple competition. Oh, well. I still like IQA, and I still like my work.

    But the one thing I have learned, and would tell anyone who wants to do show quilts, is to try to do them for the shows they can actually attend so they can see the reactions of people viewing their work. It’s a bigger compliment than prizes or ribbons to have someone approach you years later and tell you they loved a quilt you did. It’s priceless to watch someone’s face light up when they are looking at one of your quilts. Priceless!

    And my face does just that, whenever I look at one of your quilts, Carla! I will remember some of the quilts you’ve posted on your blog long after whatever show it did or did not win a ribbon in! Your work is first class!

  3. I agree with Beena — there’s nothing like seeing someone look at your quilt and ohhh and ahh — makes you feel like a million dollars — people do that with me because Carla makes my quilts so much more than they could be without her.

  4. If I had a quilt that I wanted someone else to quilt for me, and was given the choice between Diane Gaudynski, Sharon Schamber, Karen McTavish, or Carla…I would pick Carla every time. There is something extraordinary about the way she sees things. Her quilting doesn’t overpower a quilt. It’s like watching a symphony where it’s in perfect harmony and every note is as it should be with the rest of the orchestra. Extraordinary ability to make the perfect selection of motifs, and execute them perfectly so they compliment the quilt and elevate it to soaring heights without detracting from the original work! Like it’s in unison and perfectly in synch!

    There are a lot of talented machine quilters out there…brilliant. But a lot of times, it seems like the quilt top itself was an after thought. To me, that’s sort of missing the mark. And I feel it’s an honor to know someone who gets that, like Carla. Someone who doesn’t miss that mark!

  5. Thanks to both Barb and Beena for your lovely comments! Actually, I’ve decided Beena should be my PR person… LOL!

    How exciting to have been chosen for the $100,000 challenge! Yes, I loved reading about all the quilts, too! Sorry to see the demise of that publication.

    Hugs, Carla

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