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Welcome to the Class page to learn  about the courses being offered by Carla Barrett.

Right now, I am taking a sabbatical from teaching in order to fulfill a longtime dream of sailing to tropical islands.  Later in 2015, there is a strong possibility that I will hold a class or the following classes, shown below.  Thank you for your patience!

smallestfrogAvoiding The Oops! New eClass TBA- Learn what not to do before an oops- or how to fix the most common issues seen in machine quilting if you do.  After a decade of machine quilting, Carla has either made a mistake, repaired one, or seen issues at quilt shows.  This class is for beginning to intermediate machine quilters who want technical information presented in a fun way.


Design for the Foothill Guild's Opportunity quilt by Carla Barrett

Design for the Foothill Guild’s Opportunity quilt by Carla Barrett

Quilt Whispering: Design Basics– If you have ever struggled to design a quilt top, then this is the class for you!  Learn Carla Barrett’s unique approach to more easily design any quilt, tips and tricks of designing, locating inspiration, and becoming a more confident machine quilting designer along the way.     Discover why thousands of students have taken the online version of this class to rave reviews!  Registered students may send a quilt top photo to Carla by September 1st, 2014 to be designed personally by her.


Tablet Design Class project by Carla Barrett

Tablet Design Class project by Carla Barrett

Tablet Design Class for Quilters-  Have a Wacom style of tablet or Tablet PC, and want to learn how to design with it?  This course teaches you several methods of using your tablet, along with Photoshop Elements (version 7-current) to create a wide variety of quilting designs.  Carla will show you how to plan and design your quilt top image, draw quilting motifs, pantograph designs, wholecloth quilts, and more using your tablet device and Photoshop Elements.



Mailing List:  Please bookmark this page, or leave me a comment to get on the eClass Mailing List.  I promise to respect your privacy, so that your email is safe with me.   I will never share your email with a 3rd party!

Read what previous students have said about my eClasses:

“Wonderful class for newbies and seasoned quilters. I’ve been longarm quilting 4 years and was getting in a rut of quilting the same thing over and over. This class got the creative juices flowing and I can think about little else beside going home to quilt all these new designs!!
This was a wonderful class and I put it at the top of my list as the best longarm class I have had.  I’ve taken classes at the APQS showroom, MQS, Innovations and online. This one was hands down the best.”  – Debbi


“Carla, I just wanted to say thanks again for all that I have learned through this class. I have learned so much more than just quilting design—so many tips and ways to PPP or visualize what is in my head and how to approach the business end of it. And the tablet—woohoo! Most importantly, I have gained confidence. Thanks.”   -Mel


“Carla’s class was great! And her interaction with the students was wonderful. Did you sit in front of your computer the entire 3 weeks, Carla? You are an excellent instructor and I am looking forward to having more classes with you.”   – Helia




Carla Barrett



Recent Posts

In The Eye of Hurricane Matthew

13055593_822737844536849_3752359197648275515_nMany of my longtime quilting friends may be aware that I took a break from quilting and teaching to buy a cruising sailboat called MAHI, and go find a pretty, tropical beach to relax.  We did that over the last year, leaving our boat in the Bahamas for hurricane season.

Right now, we are waiting to learn the fate of our boat at Great Harbour Cay Marina in the Berry Islands, Bahamas.  This is a beautiful little island that captured our hearts.  My husband, Joe, is with the boat, hunkered down in a 13244729_260233400994542_8432691162465993232_nconcrete structure in the marina area with a group of boating friends.  Please pray for his safety, the safety of our friends, and Bahamian people, plus anyone else affected by this horrible storm.  We hope we do not lose our boat to the hurricane, as well.

If you are curious, I am doing Hurricane Update Posts on my boat blog HERE, and on my Facebook page at  If you cannot see my posts on Facebook, just friend me.

Last, a shout out to other quilters affected by this horrible storm!  Hugs, Carla


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