Carolina Lily Quilt

I get lots of mail about this Carolina Lily antique quilt pattern I quilted back in 2007 for my dear friend, Nancy Gwyn, who sadly passed away in 2011.

quilting by Carla Barrett 2007

quilting by Carla Barrett 2007

This was my old photo taken just after I unloaded it and before the quilt was bound. This quilt later went on to win many awards in both California and North Carolina:

nancyquiltfair Here it won a Best Machine Quilting and a First Place award.  Anyway, back to my mail box.  Since I receive letters asking me about this pattern, I am always on the lookout for a free pattern and instructions.  I finally found one here at Generations Quilt Patternsvintage-carolina-lily-quilt-pattern-21696382:

There is only a slight difference between this pattern and Nancy’s quilt, so just change up the flower stem if you prefer Nancy’s variation.

Otherwise, head on over to the Generations Quilt Pattern site for the free pattern and instructions.  The pattern is even on-point like Nancy’s quilt, too.

Here are some more close up pictures for this quilt:


quilting by Carla Barrett 2007

quilting by Carla Barrett 2007

quilting by Carla Barrett 2007

quilting by Carla Barrett 2007

Hope this helps!  Happy Piecing and Quilting, Carla


13 thoughts on “Carolina Lily Quilt

  1. Wow Carla…this is an “over the top” quilt! Love your quilting. Hubby is totally impressed as well. I’ve seen this before however it is always good to have another look-see! Teddie

  2. Thank you so much. It is a beautiful quilt. I prefer you design so I’ll definitely change the pattern to match Nancy’s. So sorry about your friend. I lost my dearest friend and husband last year. He was my greatest supporter.

    Thanks Again, Joyce Albright

    • Joyce, I am so sorry to learn about the loss of your beloved husband. Hugs to you. I feel that that way about my husband, too, and could not image the grief you feel over his passing. Hugs, Carla

  3. Just found your web site. I am looking for the Carolina Lily quilt block pattern the same as your quilt (without the base/vase). I have a pattern for one with the vase. I am assuming this is a piecing block and not applique. Do you have the pattern with out the vase or know where I can get it? I like just the leaves and stems with the flowers. Thanks Willa

    • Willa, there is a site which has free instructions in the comment section, I believe. Since you do not want the vase, I would suggest you google Carolina Lily Quilt images and then use an existing photo or pattern to modify the block design to your liking. This pattern has both piecing and applique on each block. My friend Nancy, who pieced this quilt, is no longer with us. Not sure where she found the pattern.

      Another option would be to create a block grid pattern based from the photos of Nancy’s quilt. Good luck! Carla

    • Thank you for the vintage lily quilt patterns. I have been looking for them for 2 years my mother
      who is 92 years old inheritated the unfinished quilt from here sister and could not find anyone to complete it for her so I am try to it myself.

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