Selvage Quilt WIP mini tutorial

In the spirit of recycle/reuse, I’m making a small quilt using discarded items.

Here is the finished quilt:

All you need are some selvages from your fabric stash,  base fabric cut into squares, a pair of scissors and a sewing machine.  I used selvages from my stash and the black mottled fabric was from my purple garden quilt backing leftovers.

Using your selvages, sew it onto your base fabric according to the pattern you wish to make :



The image above shows how I am layering the selvages, taking care to overlap slightly.  Layer, then stitch, and repeat until  to cover the area you desire.

Here are some blocks finished:


and this is how many blocks I made this afternoon:


It really is as easy as I’m describing.  The hardest part is the mess I am making:


Below is another picture of my finished project, plus another one  I did in red.  Oh yes, I also made this adorable selvage chicken:

So there’s my mini tutorial!  For more info on selvage quilts, check out Karen Griska’s website and book here.  Karen also has a very cool blog as well.

Elena stopped by the blog for a visit, she is very prolific with her selvage items, too.  Be sure to check out her site too.

Regards, Carla

21 thoughts on “Selvage Quilt WIP mini tutorial

  1. Now all we need is a tutorial about cleaning up the mess! The very realistic photos of the work space are fabulous.
    Judy B
    PS The quilt looks good too!

  2. Gorgeous quilt!!! Aren’t selvages a blast to work with? I love black with selvages–really makes them pop!! (And thanks for mentioning me in your blog–I am truly addicted to all-things-selvage!)

    Elena, I really enjoyed the wide variety of the things you have made. Hard to pick a favorite, but your plushie owl does stand out for me! LOL

  3. Love the quilt blocks! But some other great ideas are to crochet them into things like small bathroom rugs and purses which are really hot right now. Also, they work great for fabric bowls… yes, like those made in your school art class with the 1/4″ rope and fabric strips! Enjoy!

  4. My hat’s off to you! I came to your site looking for the pattern for Microwave potato bags – which I found, thank you very much- and saw the selvage quilt blocks. What an Idea! I have never seen them before. I hope you appreciate your talents, I do! You go girl!

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