Angel Bead Tutorial

Here is an easy tutorial for bead lovers, including new beaders.   I made all three bead angels in less than 10 minutes.  You can find all the supplies at


Bead Caps in either silver, copper or bronze;

2 inch sterling silver head pin;

Sterling Silver curved tube bead with ring;

Angel wings in either silver, copper or brass

6 mm Spacer bead in silver, copper or brass for halo

4mm and 6 mm Swarovski Crystal bicone for head and inside the cone, or;

Variety of 4-6 mm pearls to use for head or at the bottom inside the cone;


Round Nose Pliers; and

Wire Cutter


Instructions:  Let’s begin!  Lay out all your supplies and decide what metals you wish to combine for your angel.  Once you have laid them out, simply place them on the sterling silver head pin in this order:

This illustration also shows you the order of what goes where:

Once you have done this, your next decision has to do with whether you want a long wire or a short one to dangle it from your necklace (or pin, bookmark, etc).  Notice the varying lengths of wire in this photo:

What you plan to do with the angel dictates how long or short you have your wire.

On this bead angel,  I have left the wire long since I haven’t yet decided what I will do with it.  This is a good tip if you are making them as presents.

In bead angel 2, shown below,  I have cut the wire shorter.  This angel, I plan to dangle off of a metal bookmark.  I do have a free Bookmark Tutorial if you want to make your own.

This angel would look great combined with one of my metal bookmarks:

Additionally, you can buy a pre-made bookmark, too, from or at your local bead store.

Next picture, notice that Bead Angel 3 has the shortest wire showing of all three angels:

Instead, I used the round nose pliers to make a built-in “eye” or loop ring to attach to the silver curved tube bead ring, shown just above the angel.  If you do not know how to do this, please watch and follow this video on making loops with wire.  Now, to finish this gift, all I have to do is add a necklace and I am done.

I made a necklace for Ramona, my DMIL as a gift.  She called and told me that all her friends at her church loved it.  This necklace makes a wonderful, one-of-a-kind gift for friends and family.


Remember, you can substitute any supplies you have on hand already.  Here is a lovely angel made by Kathy Jasper.  She made this after I posted my illustration above the other day.  Notice how by using different materials, you get a unique look:

If you enjoy and use this tutorial, please drop me a comment or message like Kathy did.   Thanks to Kathy for sharing her angel, btw!

I have a large number of free tutorials besides this one.  My tutorials cover a wide variety of arts and crafts, too.  I have a Tutorial button at the top of this page just above my Blog Header illustration if you wish to visit.  In the meantime, enjoy the Holiday Season!!  Hugs, Carla

19 thoughts on “Angel Bead Tutorial

  1. I so have got to show my daughter this. She would love it.

    I have another question, if you don’t mind tossing out some wisdom. Youngest wants to make necklaces and rings using seed beads, but the regular sewing thread she is using is nowhere near strong enough. What can we use?????

    Merry Christmas Carla and a very very happy New Year, to you and all of yours. Hope it is fabulous.

  2. Hi Carla,

    Merry Christmas!

    I absolutely LOVED the bead angles. Will need to remember to order supplies sometime next October/November!


  3. Just had to share that my daughter made these angel bookmarks for her boyfriend’s mom for Christmas. She made 4 of them in about 15 minutes and gave his mom 2, made one for her grandmother and gave me one 🙂 They are so cute and easy to make. Of course, I got all of the supplies at the local bead store ($$$) and then found everything on ebay for waaaaay cheaper. I’m ordering everything we need to make gifts for everyone for next Christmas. Thanks for the great tutorial! Super easy to make and they are really great gifts. Now I just have to find time to start reading something besides quilting books 🙂

    • Hi Marilyn, be sure to say hello to your daughter, and I am glad she found them so easy to make. They do make a great gift- especially for friends who love angels or are religiously inclined.

      I had a hard time finding the wings or the cones locally, so I went to my favorite online store website, which indeed had them. I used a discount coupon to get a good price, too.

      Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year, Carla

  4. WOW! thanks for the tutorial. just found your site. will be spending some time here. thanks for all your tutorials!

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  6. Karla your instructions and words of wisdom throughout your blog are so informative. Love angels and will make some for the local nurses at the nursing home where dad is. They can hang below their name tags.

  7. Thank you so very much for the tutorial. You are so kind to post your knowledge for us. I love Angels, and these look like something I might be able to make. When I make some I will post again to let you know how it goes. Again thank you so much, and Merry Christmad!

    • Rose, I link to my source of findings in the tutorial. The links are highlighted in blue. The angels are very easy to put together and make nice Christmas gifts as a necklace.

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