In The Eye of Hurricane Matthew

13055593_822737844536849_3752359197648275515_nMany of my longtime quilting friends may be aware that I took a break from quilting and teaching to buy a cruising sailboat called MAHI, and go find a pretty, tropical beach to relax.  We did that over the last year, leaving our boat in the Bahamas for hurricane season.

Right now, we are waiting to learn the fate of our boat at Great Harbour Cay Marina in the Berry Islands, Bahamas.  This is a beautiful little island that captured our hearts.  My husband, Joe, is with the boat, hunkered down in a 13244729_260233400994542_8432691162465993232_nconcrete structure in the marina area with a group of boating friends.  Please pray for his safety, the safety of our friends, and Bahamian people, plus anyone else affected by this horrible storm.  We hope we do not lose our boat to the hurricane, as well.

If you are curious, I am doing Hurricane Update Posts on my boat blog HERE, and on my Facebook page at  If you cannot see my posts on Facebook, just friend me.

Last, a shout out to other quilters affected by this horrible storm!  Hugs, Carla


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