Chunky Quilted Squares

I was messaging back and forth with Harriet, who I met by chance earlier this year when a boat I was on passed her sailboat while motoring in the Intercoastal Waterway.  We both blogged about the chance encounter and my post is here.  Harriet is getting ready to sail down to the Bahamas in a day or so.

Anyway, Harriet asked if I knew of any quilt projects where you don’t need a sewing machine since space is limited on a sailboat.  I remembered this fun project I learned from the talented Teesha Moore while at her fiber art retreat a few years ago.

quilted squares

For lack of a better word, I call this project, “Chunky Quilted Squares.”  You make a series of quilted squares, then put them together to make a quilt, a purse, a wall hanging, coasters, table runner, the ideas are endless.

The basic, simple directions are below, and I sized it to letter size so you may easily print it out.

chunky quilted squares

Happy Creating!!  As with all my Free Tutorials, please credit me if you use one , or link to a free tutorial on your site.  I would also love to see what you create, so send me pics!

Have fun!  Carla


5 thoughts on “Chunky Quilted Squares

  1. I will have to try those with my grandchildren. They would love making something.
    Thanks for asking about us Carla. We are doing pretty good. I’m going to have to get another shot in my deteriorating sp? knee joint but doing ok. We are still waiting on a decision from Lynn’s doctors on the brain tumor. Please don’t think they don’t care about him but where the tumor is at surgery can cause more problems than he has and Goodness knows he has enough. They do say surgery will stop the spinning vertigo but there is no guarantee he won’t still have dizziness or the balance problems he has now and his hearing won’t ever come back cause the tumor has destroyed his hearing nerve. Right now it is just a wait and see game. Hope you have a great weekend and congratulations on your new granddaughter.

  2. This was a great idea to share with Harriet. I work on these all the time and then add some embroidery. When I get them done, I create small books or wall hangings with them. Teesha really inspired me to play with the fabrics!

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