Class Starts Monday!!

My 2011 Online Quilt Whisperer 101 class is set to begin on Monday, July 11th! If you want to join the class, to learn about quilting design, please click below:

Register Here

One of my favorite things I do in the class is offer to design quilts for students, then include them in the last lesson, or within the class forum.  Here is an example of a quilt designed and pieced by Debby Bainbridge:

The next image is my proposed design for Debby, posted with her permission:

The quilting design I suggest is just one of many ways to incorporate motifs and the use of repetition.  I would pick a Superior Rainbow Thread to quilt the quilt, especially in the dark background area.  If she used a dark backing fabric, she could create a double sided quilt, too.  Lots of possibilities here!

Btw, it is not too late to sign up for the class!  Registration closes on July 15th, 2011.   If you are a student in the current class, this is a reminder to send me your quilt top images.

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