2011 Quilt Whisperer 101 Class Registration Begins!

Class: Quilt Whisperer 101 Online Class by Carla Barrett

Dates: July 11-30, 2011.  Please know that you will have access to all course content for 6 months after the July 30, 2011 course end date.  This is for students who may be on vacation, busy with work, or wish to work at a slower pace.

Cost: $65  (email Carla at carla[at]quiltwhisper.com if you wish to join the class a bit late.  You will have access to the class material until the end of Feb. 2012)

Quilt Whisperer 101 is a class for beginning to advanced Quilters, Art Quilters, and Machine Quilters. Class is appropriate for all domestic machine or home quilters, as well as machine quilters with a stand up quilting system.

Quilt Whisperer 101 Online Class
This is a quilting design class created by professional machine quilter, Carla Barrett, which features 3 weekly online lessons, creative exercises, videos, live meetings, and an interactive forum to learn Carla’s unique method for “quilt whispering” or designing a quilt top for the quilting. In addition, Carla shares her favorite feather designs, fills, sashings, and borders designs, too. This class is jammed packed with helpful information about quilting and how to approach and design any quilt top! In addition, you will have access to the class and course material for at least 6 months once the class is finished.

Bonus!!: Students may send quilt top pictures to Carla to design and include in Lesson 3. Details are provided upon registration.

Prerequisite: Internet service faster than a phone dial up connection.  Basic ability to use a computer, surf the web and use a forum- or the willingness to learn how to operate within a forum like http://www.quiltwhisper.com/forum. Students need a current copy of Adobe Reader and know how to open a PDF file.

Refund Policy: Class is refunded for any reason, minus the PayPal imposed fee, prior to the start of class. Class is refunded during the first week of class for good cause, minus the PayPal administrative fee. No refunds will be provided once Week 2 Lesson and Videos are posted. No refunds provided once the class is over.

Supplies Needed: Besides your computer, you will need a pen and paper to complete your creative exercises. If you wish to get teacher feedback and encouragement, you can choose to upload images of your creative exercise homework using a digital camera or scanner.

Optional Supplies: Tablet peripheral (such as a Wacom) or tablet PC laptop for high tech students is optional to use. There is a quilting exercise for students that is optional, too.


If you have any questions about the class, please leave me a message and I will get back to you via email.  Thanks!  Carla  Barrett


14 thoughts on “2011 Quilt Whisperer 101 Class Registration Begins!

      • Thanks but I think I can also pay by cc and still not use Paypal. Is that correct???

        Hi Karen, PayPal allows you to use credit card without signing up for their service. Students need only to click the registration link to sign up for the class, and pay through a credit card or echeck. Hope this helps! Carla

    • Hi Colleen, missing one day will not alter your class experience. Plus the class will be accessible for 6 months after the class formally ends. This is one of the benefits of taking an online class- fitting it into your life and schedule. Hope this helps! Carla

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  2. Hi Carla, I took your class at MQS this past May and loved it! (You took pictures of my LeMoyne Star and Spiral Lone Star quilts.) Does this class go into more detail than the one you taught there? I really need help in this area so I’m hoping the answer is yes! Thanks!

    • Hi Tracy, yes, the online version is an expanded version of the MQS class. I have time for videos, exercises, and I would say the online class is about triple the size of what you saw. Plus there is a forum for posting work and socializing, and a live meeting. Many of the pictures will look similar, but that is all.

      Let me know if you have any questions? Would love to see you there! Thanks, Carla

  3. Yes Carla,
    I would like to take your class. Another student had my question as I won’t be back until the 12th and you answered it.
    Thank you for contacting me

  4. Hello Carla, is it too late to join your class? if yes, can you contact me when it is offered again? i recently learned about your class from a yahoo discussion group with high recommendations. thanks, Holly

  5. I am super booked this month and wouldn’t be able to tackle this until mid August. I would like to take your next available class. Is there a time scheduled?

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