Successful Class!

With my 3 week long Quilt Whisperer 101 Online Class wrapping up, I have the free time to blog again!  I am happy to report that the class went well, and the live meetings were fun to do.  Thanks to all the students in the July QW Class for your hard work and for taking my class.

So what’s next?  Next up is a Tablet Design Class, which is already written.  However, I still need to shoot and edit the videos for the weekly lessons.  Here are examples of what the class will teach.  How to draw a wholecloth quilt using a tablet:


How to design quilt tops using a tablet.  Here is the before:

Quilt top by Debby B.

Here is the designed quilt:

(Thanks to Debby B. for allowing me to share her lovely quilt top)

The class teaches many other skills, too.  How to design Edge-2-Edge designs and pantos, and how to PPP with your tablet, and more!

Once I finish my videos for this class, the class will be announced and my mailing list notified by an email newsletter.  If you wish to be on the class list, just post a reply here- or on my class page.

Other news:  With an adorable grandbaby in the home, Joe and I lives are enriched!  Ethan is now 3 months and is so cute… a Gerber baby really!  He is a good natured baby, healthy, and even sleeps through the night!  He is a precious gift.

My next speaking and workshop is scheduled for September in Phoenix, Arizona.  I am honored they asked me to come.  I will be giving a lecture on Quilt Whispering, and my workshop will be my Doodle Art Fill Class.  Students will go home with their own original doodle art quilt to later quilt:

How have YOU been?    Happy Summer, Carla

13 thoughts on “Successful Class!

  1. Your Quilt Whispering class has been fantastic, as are all the classes you offer, and I have thouroughly enjoyed every bit of it… the great this is that the classes are up for the 6 months so we can all get to PPP.
    Thank you so much for doing you class.
    I am SO looking forward to your next class, which I am eagerly awaiting 🙂

  2. The class was really great Carla! I am thoroughly stoked to get this quilt off the frame so I can play with all I learned in class!!! Chomping at the bit!

    The Long Beach show was fun but I found myself judging the quilts according to what we learned… I never realized how boring some of them are quilted! Ooops…shame on me…that would have been me before this class! But seriously, some really beautiful quilts could have be show stoppers with better quilting choices…my eyes are opened.

    Where and when in Phoenix?? I might be able to come! Got more info?

    (can’t wait to get your cartoon!)

  3. Laura & Cindy, will email you info on the AZ workshop. Joan, Barbara and Kerry, will make sure you get notified of the next classes.

    We will be moving to a brand new education website. The name of the site, when up, will be Regards, Carla

  4. The class was fantastic – thank you. I’ve been given so much information, inspiration and enthusiasm I hardly know where to start!! I think it will take a long while to assimilate all I’ve been taught, but I know it will improve my quilting enormously. Thanks Carla 🙂

  5. Dear Carla,
    I’m in the AZ Long arm Chapter! They all got a good chuckle seeing me jump up and down when I found out you were coming to Phoenix! I was in your 1st Quilt Whisperer Class. I had alot going on in my life at the time, so didn’t really get to participate as much as I would have liked to. Still, I got ALOT out of it and it still enhances my quilting. Let me know if I can do anything for you during your visit in AZ. I’m a ‘soccertxi’ and my vehicle goes EVERYWHERE!

    • Hi Beth, I look forward to meeting you! I appreciate your offer, but your guild organizers have already made arrangements. Thank you for thinking of me, though. Be sure to introduce yourself so I can meet you.

  6. Does one have to have alot of prior experience using a tablet to take this course? If not, I’d love to take it. Will you be offerring the Quilt Whisperer class online again?

  7. HI Jackie, I am thinking of offering the next QW class in January, 2011.

    Also, to answer your question, the only prerequisite is taking a Beginning Photoshop Elements Class from the Pixeladies. The next class they are offering is in early Oct. I will be posting more info in a day or so.

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