New Blog To Follow Our Adventures!

Wanted to announce the new blog, titled, “Sailing on Mahi,” where you can follow our adventures if you wish.  Basically, we retired early, bought a blue water capable boat, will move aboard and travel the world on board Mahi, our Taswell 43 cutter rigged sailboat.


I also have a Facebook page HERE, too, if you want to see where we are and follow our adventures.  Plan to seek out quilting arts as we travel and write about sewing projects to improve the interiors.  Will also sew on projects above deck, too.  Taking some beading supplies along, too.  You know I just have to create!

Also bringing along the Tablet PC and programs so I can continue to draw designs to be sold at Digitech Patterns.  This gal is going to try to piece and quilt with my industrial strength Sailrite machine.  🙂

I hope you will visit and follow the new blog and “like” my page on Facebook.  Hugs from Carla

3 thoughts on “New Blog To Follow Our Adventures!

  1. Visited your new blog, read every entry and signed on as a follower!! Also following your new facebook page so I don’t miss any of your travels!!! So very excited for you!!!

    • Thank you!! Hope to add some sewing projects on the sailing blog, too. The curtains on the blog need a major makeover, so that will be first after the cleaning. 🙂 Hugs to you!

  2. I’ve only sailed on an ocean-going sailboat on a huge lake (loved it!!!) but can’t imagine your next adventure!! “Signing on” (vicariously) to both blog and Fb. Hugs………………

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