New Look

I decided to do up a new blog header since I had used the old one for a long time.  I knew I wanted a clean look, so I chose a simple template to build on.

I almost added this chicken, but then decided not to.


Carla Chicken

Hmmmm……. maybe I should put it to a vote?  Do you want a chicken in the header or a bird?  If you prefer a chicken- do you want Chicken 1 or Chicken 2?

Carla Chicken 2

Take care, Carla



14 thoughts on “New Look

  1. When I first saw your header and blog icon and tutorial icon links I thought they were a pretty perfect whimsical set and together have a “branding” feel to them (which as a graphic designer I tend to notice and feel is important). I love your chickens but you will be changing the feel to your branding and your site’s look entirely. You might come up with a third bird to match the blog bird and tutorial bird in a closer way and carry the branding through even more….unless you don’t like that bird look for the Feathered Fiber brand….I absolutely love it myself. If you feel the artistic need to change it up you might consider doing so but stay within the “look” you have evolving. The chickens change that a lot so you might be looking at a totally different feel if you go for chickens. Love’em in your cartoon though!!! : D

  2. I like it the way it is… not into chickens personally. I also like the bird you have on your tutorials and blog buttons. It’s a bit more quirky than the sweet bird you have on the header now.

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