Birthday Season

The months of January and February are birthday season in our family.  Beginning with the first month of the year,  my DH (aka Joe) is a January 24th baby, also my mom, DIL, BIL, and Baby Jack were all born in January.

February births include all three of my children (don’t ask me what I was doing in May the previous year), also my SIL and BIL.  Frankly, by youngest son’s birthday on February 27, I am ready for a birthday break!

DH is really funny about birthdays- he started out early in our marriage claiming that birthday “day” was now  Daddy birthday “weekend.”  Somehow it grew into Daddy birthday “week,” but I did draw the line when he tried to push for Daddy Birthday “Month.”  After all, I do have my limits.

This year, I have made headway- we are celebrating just 3 days for his birthday: today, tomorrow and Sunday.   Of course, those of you who feel that my DH is really pushing it, turnabout is indeed fair game, I now celebrate Mommy Birthday weekend plus, so it all evens out in the end!  LOL

While I am on the topic of birthdays- my favorite grandson, Jack, turned 1 year old earlier this week.  Tomorrow, on Joe’s actual birthday, he will have his first birthday party.  Joe doesn’t mind sharing his birthday with Jack this year, how can you deny anything to this little face?


Tomorrow, I hope to share the obligatory 1st birthday picture showing Jack eating a piece of cake, smashed all over his face, hair.  He is in a phase where he likes to drop his food on the floor, so the floor is bound to be a mess, too.

Anyway, I hope that you have a nice birthday, no matter what month you celebrate it!!  There… I’m now covered for the entire year!  LOL!  Carla

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