Carla Quilt- 2

Just finishing the corner blocks now.  I decided they need texture, so I channeled something I saw Deb Levy do once.    Anyhow, here is the block, and the first border (once again) for new folk:



Ok, that the sneak peek for today.  Tomorrow, I hope to make some real progress on this quilt.


8 thoughts on “Carla Quilt- 2

  1. Oooooh pretty! Do you do SID on your quilts?

    Hi Vicki, Yes, I will SID this one using Madiera Monolon. I do it last instead of first. I find I get best control that way. I will also quilt something in the dark green section on the top picture, too. I will end up using about 7 colors of thread on this quilt.

    I usually SID freehand because I feel I get right in the ditch that way. The straight lines in the border were not freehanded though, I used a little green ruler.

    Thanks for asking. Hugs, Carla

  2. Carla,
    Huge fan of your stunning quilting & always entertaining blog. Is the “pumpkin seed ” type treatment around the star block done freehand?, premarked?, stencil? You’ve got me doodling and drooling (again) Thanks!

    Thanks for your comments. The pumpkin seed treatment can be done a few ways. I did mine freehand by drawing in a grid of guidelines, then putting a dot in the middle of each square. I think my grid was pretty small- roughly 1/2 inch. Anyway, as you are quilting, shoot for the dot and the corners of the squares. Anyway, a shout out to Deb Levy for being my inspiration for this small fill treatment. Take care and happy quilting, Carla

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