I had joined facebook a long time ago, then promptly lost my password.  The program software would not email it to me.  Earlier this week, after some prodding by my good friend, Faith,  I decided to spend the calories getting it all worked out.

For all you blog readers, my facebook page is HERE in case you want to add me.  Just add a note saying you are a blog reader and I will be happy to accept the request.

Even my new grandson, Jack, has a facebook page, obviously intended for close friends and family:

jack facebook I love this picture as it captures his personality!  He also loves to imitate his mom and dad on the cell phone, too.

Yesterday, Jack spent the day with us.  He was a very happy guy the whole day and only fussed a little bit at bedtime.   My heart melts everytime he runs to me or holds his arms out to me.

Today, I hope to finish the quilt I have been slowly working on.  I also have to study for the 2 day sailing class Joe and I are taking next weekend up in Lake Tahoe.

How was your weekend??

Quilty WIP

Confession time!  Remember that fall I took when I was racing to the homespun yarn booth at the Troy, NY Farmer’s Market?   Oops! I re-injured my elbow and lower back.  This has put a bit of a damper on how many hours I can be creative and work in a given day.  Bummer!

Thus said, here is what I am working on, quilting wise.  First up is a new slash therapy quilt in a different color scheme.  Here is a part of my quilt-in-progress:


I also have made some progress on Nancy’s quilt.  Here is the first border:

nancy border copy

In case you are curious, the lovely floral part of the border design is a stencil by Hari Walner.  I have added some freehand “a la Carla” to complete the space and give it some visual punch!

Tomorrow, I get to babysit Jack, I can’t wait to spend some quality time with him!  Here he was last weekend, tolerating his stroller:

Jack in stroller

Keep watching to see my progress!  It is ice to be quilting and piecing again!

Hugs, Carla

Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!  My Mother’s Day was made complete by receiving this special gift:


Isn’t that cute?  Jack is standing in front of my house on Easter when I took that picture.  He is playing with a butterfly house, btw.  I love the little handprint, too!

Spring is blooming all over…. here are some flowers from my garden to share with you.  First up, one of Joe’s alliums:


Next up, some columbine:


and my favorite, a Japanese Iris:


The last 2 plants were from my old garden, and the allium was planted by Joe in memory of a trip to Hidcote Garden in Britain.  Every year, he adds more alliums.

My next quilt up is another one for Nancy back in North Carolina.  Here is the before picture, folded into quarter section:


So, what did you do special today?  Hugs, Carla

Mother’s Day thoughts

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays which brings to mind bittersweet memories for those of us who have lost their mom.  Mine passed away about 3 years ago, and I think of her at the strangest moments- in the grocery store when I see a favorite food, looking into the sweet face of my first grandson, and knowing she would have loved him.

I would guess this is also a sensitive time of the year for the mothers of children who have passed away as well.  They say that the pain of losing a child is a particularly difficult loss.  I am fortunate, my 3 children are all living, and will plan on celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend with them all.  Thus said, my heart goes out to these women as their loss is indeed great.

I am blessed- I get to hug not only my 3 children, but my DIL Aimee and my grandson Jack, too.  He is about 15 months now and I love watching Jack play.  He is a climber, so you have to watch him closely or he is liable to be standing on the dining room table.  Anyway, my heart melts when I see him.  Aimee is a terrific new mom, and I enjoy watching her with Jack, too. Here is the picture of them at Easter together:


So, this year I plan on encouraging new moms, hugging my kids and grandchild, and honor the memory of my mom and grandmothers who are no longer with us.

Any thoughts on this post?  Hugs, Carla

Birthday Season

The months of January and February are birthday season in our family.  Beginning with the first month of the year,  my DH (aka Joe) is a January 24th baby, also my mom, DIL, BIL, and Baby Jack were all born in January.

February births include all three of my children (don’t ask me what I was doing in May the previous year), also my SIL and BIL.  Frankly, by youngest son’s birthday on February 27, I am ready for a birthday break!

DH is really funny about birthdays- he started out early in our marriage claiming that birthday “day” was now  Daddy birthday “weekend.”  Somehow it grew into Daddy birthday “week,” but I did draw the line when he tried to push for Daddy Birthday “Month.”  After all, I do have my limits.

This year, I have made headway- we are celebrating just 3 days for his birthday: today, tomorrow and Sunday.   Of course, those of you who feel that my DH is really pushing it, turnabout is indeed fair game, I now celebrate Mommy Birthday weekend plus, so it all evens out in the end!  LOL

While I am on the topic of birthdays- my favorite grandson, Jack, turned 1 year old earlier this week.  Tomorrow, on Joe’s actual birthday, he will have his first birthday party.  Joe doesn’t mind sharing his birthday with Jack this year, how can you deny anything to this little face?


Tomorrow, I hope to share the obligatory 1st birthday picture showing Jack eating a piece of cake, smashed all over his face, hair.  He is in a phase where he likes to drop his food on the floor, so the floor is bound to be a mess, too.

Anyway, I hope that you have a nice birthday, no matter what month you celebrate it!!  There… I’m now covered for the entire year!  LOL!  Carla

More Jack

Yesterday we had a full house!  Grandma, aka MIL, came for a visit, then Jack and parents also came for a yummy dinner starring Joe’s smoked ribs.

Here are 2 photos of Jack:


Jack Playing


Here is Jack laughing and clapping his hands.  He also loves to throw his head back and laugh, too.  Pretty funny!

On the quilt front, I loaded and started the next quilt.  I will show you snippets, but probably not the whole quilt since I may send this to various shows.

Hugs, Carla

Barb Sneak Peek

I’ve been bad!  I’m not supposed to quilt due to an injured right elbow, but I just can’t leave town with Barb’s quilt unfinished.  I’m about 80% finished, so here is a sneak peek:


You can’t see them, but I also have some egyptian motifs scattered throughout this quilt.  So far, so good!!

Had a great visit with my sister, Yvette and her husband, Dave, aka  Captain Dave.  One day, we went over to visit Jack and kids, then out to eat at a Brew Pub, there was a great photo op I couldn’t resist:


Jack’s father and grandfather were both college frat boys, so who knows what is in store for him??  Speaking of Jack, guess who is starting to walk??  His first birthday is later this month, so it is exciting to see no delays, development wise!!

I’m getting ready to drive to Manhattan Beach to visit Lori of Art & Play blog fame.  We’ve been friends just shy of 20 years!!  I will have LOTS to show while I am there, as it will be a solid week of creative art!!

Dad update: He was finally discharged from the hospital and is on the mend.  Thanks you for your good thoughts and prayers!!

Happy New Year!!  Hugs, Carla

Merry Christmas!

Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!  Check out who came over to share the day:


Jack is sharing his blocks in the photo above with his grandfather.  He is  so incredibly cute and we enjoyed spending out holiday with him!

Santa was good to me and so he did bring me my jump ring maker, plus a new computer and a tablet add-on.  I also got some more metal art stuff for my new studio- which will be set up in the garage.

So… your turn, what was YOUR favorite present?

Happy Holidays, Carla

PS:  Here is my holiday greeting for you:


Egyptian Quilt

Check out this cool Egyptian quilt, original design by Barb, that i picked up yesterday:


and a close up of her center section:


This quilt is a special gift for her husband, Lewis.  Now to start sketching what i plan to do on it- quilting wise.  Yes, I will workin some Egyptian designs into the quilt,  in case you were wondering.

Jack update:  We babysat Jack last night, he is so blasted adorable- though I might be biased!  Here is a recent picture of him eating out at a restaurant:


He looks just like my son did at this age, but he has his own personality.

Enjoy your autumn/spring day, depending on which side of the globe you live on.  Hugs, Carla