Thanks, Molly!

Talk about Cheer Mail…  I opened the mail today to discover a lovely package from my friend, Molly!  In it was this ribbon for “Best Machine Quilting” from The River City Quilt Guild for my quilting on this delightful quilt:


Also in the package was a wonderful card, the judge’s comments, and the award!  Thanks, Molly!!  You are a dear!!!

I love reading the judge’s comments, especially when they are nice.  The one for this quilt regarding the quilting says “Lovely Quilting Motifs- well executed” and the “back could stand alone as a wholecloth.”      They also had some nice things to say about Molly piecing skills, but I already knew that… LOL!  Thank you, Molly!!!

Speaking of machine quilting, here are more sneak peeks at my quilt:



OK, back to work… getting close to my half way point on the current quilt.  Carla


13 thoughts on “Thanks, Molly!

  1. Congratulations and how nice that she sent the ribbon to you! You have some very nice clients! The quilting is coming along beautifully. I hope you are not over-tiring yourself.

  2. What was nice about this is that I did not expect anything, hence the surprise!! Molly is one of my favorite people!

    Thank you for your nice words though. Molly keeps up with me through the blog… I think she needs a blog so I can keep with with her, too. LOL

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