Chicken Collection and other art

The co-owner of the yacht and house shown in an earlier post also has a chicken collection- which people have given her over the years.  Besides having a chicken thing going on, we also share the same birthday, too.  I took some pictures of just a few:






I’ll switch gears to public art.  I found this fish hanging up on the north side of Bay Harbor in the shopping area:


and this butterfly bench that will be auctioned off for charity:


While shopping in Downtown

IMG_6336 , I saw this cute coffee shop with colorful stoneware cemented into the wall:


and more :


Pretty cool, I think!

Back to quilting in the morning!

3 thoughts on “Chicken Collection and other art

  1. AHHH memories….that’s the coffee shop we always ate at when my son had a basketball game against Petosky. Did you fly home out of Traverse City? Very nice airport, don’t ya think?

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