Weird Lock Story

Where do you go for a roaring good time before you marry?  You gather a bunch of your closest friends, drink plenty of liquor, wear a Borat style thong and a blonde wig, then rent a small power boat and head through the Erie Canal locks.

Could I possibly be making this up??  Not a chance!  Plus, I took pictures to prove it:



Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, they bring out the blond wig and pose for pictures:


How do I know this was a strange Bachelor party?  Because we asked them… LOL!  We went through several locks with this funny group.

Drinking and driving a boat does not mix, at one point they went completely sideways in the lock and had a hard time re-gaining control.  The lock master came down and appeared to chew them out.  We tried hard to listen in, but it was just too far away.

Any comments?  LOL


9 thoughts on “Weird Lock Story

  1. Ya know…it takes all kinds to make the world go around…sometimes they are just a few bubbles off level. 🙂 ROFLOL!!!

  2. Bizarre…just bizarre to see a bunch of grown men acting like this and thinking that it was their idea of a good time, dressing up like that! LOL! Just too weird.

  3. What a hoot!! Who would have thunk this was a bachelor party? Maybe the prospective “married man” was dared to don that get up by his “friends”?

    Your whole trip was a delight and thanks for sharing so many pictures and thoughts. I’m envious of the fun you all had, but not your flu days.

    I’m from St. Louis, so I’m curious which business man it was that owns the boat. I have a short list of who it could have been. Fun, fun. Dar

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