Yesterday’s Class

I’m taking a break from quilting to say hello to everyone who was in my class yesterday in Cameron Park, CA!!  What a fun class and meeting you all!!  The 3 L’s- Laura, Laurie, and Linda, plus I got to finally meet Debbie from Chico, Nancy, [Barb’s friend]Cindy and Eloise! Thank you for your contribution to the class and also your input!  We learn from each other, no?  LOL

I should have taking a picture, but I figured you were camera shy, like me. LOL

I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!  Those who know me well will crack up when I say I went over my time allottment trying to cover it all.  This class started out being a 4 hour class the first few times I taught it, and we expanded it to 5.  I’m thinking that for longarmers, I could easily expand it a full day class!  I’ll be sure to post when I finish developing my quilt fills class, too.

I shared a few stories and favorite mantra’s that I hope they could appreciate!  Something about not disturbing our artistic harmonies and life is short to quilt for Pita’s!!     Anyway,  know I had fun!

Pictures to follow, finishing up the blue/white quilt today and loading the Guild Opportunity quilt.  Hugs, Carla

2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Class

  1. What a blast yesterday’s class was. Inspiration, laughter, creativity, a tiny bit of naughtiness and great company. Carla you are a wonderful teacher with energy and fun to spare! Thank you for a wonderful day and giving me more ideas to quilt!!

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