Feathered Star Quilt

OK, I’m finished with this quilt, which is a present for my guild president.  Here are a few quick pics before I take it back to the guild:




Forgive the colors… it was an overcast day, so the colors are a bit off.

Here is a close up:


I have more to share later on…    Hugs, Carla

Postscript:  Please note that I do not have this pattern.  It was a custom pattern by a guild group using collected fabric.  I have contacted the group to ask about the pattern and was not able to obtain it.   It is a modified feather star with applique added.


37 thoughts on “Feathered Star Quilt

  1. This if the first time I’ve ever wished to be President of a guild! LOL Stunning job as usual Carla. How big is this quilt?

  2. Is that quilt top a kit somewhere??? Can you show us a closeup of the windmill in the center? Being of Dutch heritage this really catches my eye…

    You quilting is wonderful, I’m sure the guild president will be awe struck!

  3. like all the other quilts you share with us, i just love this one. about how many hours did this quilting take you? and do you keep track of how many hours you spend on each one you quilt?

    Hmmm… didn’t keep track, but I promise to on the next one loaded. My goal is to finish the next quilt before the end of the month. LOL! Thanks for your comment!

  4. I keep coming back to look at this one. Did you do different treatments in the borders? One side looks like circles and the feathers…..

    LOL, Karen! Your eyes are very sharp! Yes, I did a very ornate top border, then decided to have a feather around the remaining 3 sides. It works because the top design has feathers, too.

  5. Star light, star bright, I make this wish tonight! lol
    Your work is truly amazing. I hope someday you will teach at MQS – Kansas. I love what you do with the circles.

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  7. Just wondering if you could Google Feathered Variable Star pg 18 in the book called Heirloom Machine quilting. I’m trying to find the pattern how to make this quilt for my Mom. Would you know how to design it?

    • Danita, when I google the term, I get something different than you. It would be helpful if you could provide a direct link for this quilt in question. Regards, Carla

  8. Carla,
    It is beautiful. Did you buy this as a kit; if so where might I find the quilt kit or pattern? Have a close friend that I have been looking for a blue quilt design for and this would be perfect. I could only hope mine would be half as good. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hi Kim, thank you for your complements about the quilt. Unfortunately, this is a guild group quilt using fabric from Sweden or The Netherlands, so is a one of a kind. Thus said, I bet you could replicate it based on the images. Good luck and wish I had better news for you. Take Care, Carla

      • Hello Carla,
        One other question…did you have a pattern or book that was used for the center star / or the whole quilt? Wondered how you go got the center so large…what size of quilt was it?

      • Hi Kim, Gosh, wish I could provide you with more instruction, but I did the quilting on this project and did not piece it. I do know the quilt size was approx. 50-60 inches square, a wall hanging size. The center is a traditional feathered star pattern with applique added. It also has a lovely pieced border with cornerstones. Once you locate a feathered star pattern, then you can adjust the size up or down. Here is a free pattern for a feathered star: http://quilterscache.com/F/FeatheredStarBlock.html

      • I did make a block of the feather star quilt but impervised the center with a free motion design of a Scandinavian motif. Still wondering to get directions how to make the quilt. I’ve looked everywhere.

      • The last picture with the swan in the middle is what I created withy old singer machine. If you have info how toake the feathered star quilt it would be great. Thank you, Danita

      • Danita, Feathered Star is a traditional pattern used for several hundred years. Perhaps your local library will have a book on feathered stars? This quilt is unique in that there was no pattern, simply a talented piecer who improvised her version of a feathered star by adding applique elements. This is a stunning quilt, and I understand why you would love to find directions for it. Good luck! Carla

      • Danita, I would love to see your swan created with your old singer. The blog software prevents photos by blog readers, most likely due to all those pesky spammers. You could contact me via the contact page, and I will write you back. Regards, Carla

    • Jeanne, this lovely blue & white feathered star variation quilt was a labor of love for the recipient, a former guild president named Reit. Let me try to reach Reit and see if whomever pieced this group quilt together is willing to share her design. Will let you know. 🙂

      • I am interested in purchasing the pattern. Have you any further info? –Shari

      • Shari, nice last name, btw! No pattern, I’m afraid, but you could use the photos to make a similar quilt. I do love this quilt!

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