Happy Friday to you all!!  Thought I would let you know what I am up to.

Quilting: I’m almost finished with the blue/white feathered star quilt.  Still have about 4 more hours, and I’m finished!  I’ll update some sneak peek images I took earlier today.

Teaching: I’m teaching my Quilt Whisperer class tomorrow, so it is time to pull together all my handouts and supplies.  I understand I have several APQS machine quilters coming from all over California- Ramona, Vacaville and Vallejo!  Linda from Ramona (who posts comments as “Ramona Quilter”) is flying up today, so I invited her to visit the studio and have the opportunity to meet her beforehand.  Remind me to show you how nice and clean my studio is… can’t have visitors and have thread and fabric everywhere.  Actually, if I really want to keep it REAL, I will admit that my studio is usually a mess! LOL!

Beading and Fiber: Almost finished with the turtle pendant freeform piece.  I decided to use it- along with freeform beadwork- to embellish a quilted iphone purse since I need another one.  Keep watching, I should be finished in a day or so!

Anyone working on something special??  Big plans this weekend?  Hugs, Carla


2 thoughts on “WIP

  1. Not up to much yet, but the itch is getting well nigh un-ignorable, and with two private classes that have dropped out (thank you to the crisis!!!) I may just have the time!!!

  2. Carla – I had such a wonderful time in your class today! I learned a lot….. especially how to identify the different areas for quilting.

    Good info! Thanks for helping with ideas for my customers quilt.

    Keep up with your classes. And maybe, sometime soon, you will be “invited” to teach at the big shows.
    Believe me, you will be a breath of fresh air!

    Laurie G. in CA

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