Machine Quilting Award!

I just found out from my friend, Nancy Gwyn, back in North Carolina, that a Carolina Lily quilt we worked on together was awarded the “Best Machine Quilting” award at her show. She also received a 2nd place for the piecing.

This makes the 2nd “Best Machine Quilting” award this quilt has earned in 2 shows. Here’s a picture to refresh your memory:

Nancy says it will be hanging until October in the City of Morganton (North Carolina) Capital Municipal Auditorium (CoMMA) building if you live nearby and wish to see it up close. Be sure to look at both the front and back of this lovely quilt as I had good tension karma.

I love when quilts I have worked on go on to do well in shows. I’m especially happy for Nancy as she is lovely person and deserves the attention and kudos.

Happy Friday… where did this week go? I’m off to the hardware store to buy metal art suppiles for my class tomorrow. Take care, Carla

18 thoughts on “Machine Quilting Award!

  1. You all are making me blush!! I am happy for Nancy, they had the award reception and she got to go up twice to accept an award for the quilt.

    Nancy reminds me of my Aunt Oleta- she has the sweetest personality with a southern voice. She is sending me another quilt to do, this time a wedding ring quilt. Her quilts have nice energy.

    • Hi Carla,

      Just curious regarding machine quilting. Do you have to work on a large quilt area or can you do a throw pillow size as well?

      Your work is stunning!


      • Hi Betsy, you can quilt a large quilt or a pillow size, any size really. Check out my “inchie” tutorial and this is the smallest size I quilt.

        I have even had requests to take a new purchased bedquilt, and add stitching line to it for added texture and batting control.

        Thanks for stopping by. Regards, Carla

  2. It is beautiful and well deserving of a blue ribbon. How proud you both must be. I’m looking forward to your next collaboration. Way To Go, Girls!!

  3. Congratulations to you and the piecer. The ribbons are well deserved. It’s one of my favorites from you. You’re a superstar!

  4. I remember this quilt! I also remember how much I liked the quilting you did on it. Congratulations to you and to Nancy!

  5. Wow – absolutely beautiful. Would you mind sharing your secrets? What type of batting did you use, did you also trapunto and, if so, what batting was used for that part? Finally, what thread did use? Thanks so much, Debbie (Chico)

    Hi Debbie, It’s been awhile since i quilted that one, I think I doubled my batt for a faux trapunto look (quilter’s dream or quilters dream and wool combo, sorry, I can’t remember which) and used Reingold off-white poly thread. The colored areas were quilted with ARC or Isacord poly thread- I have both and they look so much alike. Any SID was done with Monolon by Mediera.

    Reingold is my most expensive thread, mainly because I can’t locate a source with great prices. Wish I could remember more, but my over 40 brain is just not that on the ball!

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