Stepping Out of Your Comfort Bubble

My metal arts jewelry class yesterday was interesting. We received our first lesson on how to operate the hydraulic press, the metal roll press and the flex shaft attachment. During lecture, a fellow student fell over unconscious and began having seizures. The fire, police and ambulance came and took her to the hospital. No idea her health status, but the teacher gets high marks for dealing with an emergency under stress. I hope she is well….

This will be a harder class than I first expected. Once I master the tools, I will feel easier about it. Next week, we learn how to solder- which is harder to do than it looks.

Which brings me to the idea of stepping out from what you know and what is comfortable for you- at least artistically. I know how to machine quilt (see post below) , I know how to do a variety of other arts, but working with metal is difficult for me. Right now, I find it to be challenging.

When you encounter something hard, do you stick with it or just give up? I happen to be stubborn enough to stick with it and attempt my best. I’m not sure if I will “take” to this art, but I will give it a try.

Have you ever attempted something new or challenging artistically? What was it and did you stick with it? Can you relate to what I am sharing about taking up a new art medium?

Take care, Carla

5 thoughts on “Stepping Out of Your Comfort Bubble

  1. Your class sounds awesome. I think it would be fun to make large yardart out of old cars, machinery and other found stuff!

    I have gone outside my comfort zone and tried new things. I once took a jewlery making class but did not stick with it. Lately I want to return to painting, something I dabbled in years ago.

  2. Years ago I was tempted by stained glass classes. After taking a few classes I was annoyed by the fact that the owner/teacher kept pushing to purchase more and more tools. While I realize it takes tools to do the job, while we are in class we should be able to use the tools there at no additional cost. Lets just say she didn’t like me much and actually pulled me aside to tell me that if I didn’t like the class I could leave. I was very put out that she pulled me aside a paying customer to tell me to take it or leave it. I mentioned that I paid for the class and I am going to finish the class. So, after that I worked on my own. The basics were covered. There are several pieces around my home and I have an octagon window piece that is still in pieces…the home that had the octagon window no longer belongs to me and the plan now is to make a table top out of the design. It is gorgeous designer glass. Stained glass is fun and challenging but does not give me the same feeling as sewing/quilting.


  3. I took a couple of watercolor classes several years ago. It was very challenging for me, since I couldn’t control watercolor as much as I was trying to. I did manage to paint a few nice pieces, but I decided that it wasn’t the medium for me. Lately, I’ve thought of bringing those paints out again, and try to let go a little bit more.

  4. Oh Carla, you have to try everything at least once! I can’t count how many different things I’ve tried and yes, I stuck with them. I didn’t keep all of them (the macrame had to go), but I enjoyed the process. I think learning new things also helps fire up the creative juices and translates into all your other creative projects.

  5. Watch the videos on the artjewerly magazine site… I know how visual you are…. anyway there is one on lighting the torch.. a series on bezel setting… i think one on soldering… the tool section videos are good primers too… I have a feeling that once you master the tools Ms. Carla you will love it… I know you.. there are way too many possibilities..that is what i like about it. I have seen the river rocks used in metal arts alot..very cool..One i remember used large sterling silver tubing and made large tube rivets in the of varying sizes… you need diamond bits to drill the rock…or even beach stone ( of course i Have those with this thought in mind) i have some of my own river rock that i have been planning to experiment with. Can’t wait to play and share some more with you!


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