WIP Thursday

Yesterday, my friend, Marge, came over so I could quilt her king comforter.  This has not just one, but two thick designer fabrics in the quilt sandwich.  It took two people to wrestle the quilting- which basically just  follows the pattern.

It came out looking pretty  good…here it is hanging on my dining table:



and the bottom side of the quilt:


This quilt also has another distinction: being the first quilt so big and fluffy that I hit the outside perimeter of the top roller and still move the machine.  So, for the machine quilters reading this, do you know how I resolved this dilemma??  LOL  I want to see how many problem solve like I do.


Current quilt:

I loaded Nancy’s quilt, another wedding ring quilt:


Here is a close up of the batik pattern:


Nancy Gwyn is a lovely dear friend who lives in North Carolina.  She is in her 80’s and has the sweetest spirit  and dear personality.  We first met years ago in a small quilt group that meets in Rescue, CA each week.  Anyway, Nancy is a role model and I sure hope I’m able to piece and quilt when I’m as young as Nancy!  BTW, here is the Carolina Lily quilt,  the Happy Quilt,  and the Finished Quilt that I’ve previously quilted for Nancy and blogged about.

Anyway, I’ll take pictures as I quilt this.


Coming Soon…. an Easter Story about Parsnip Pete!!  Hugs, Carla


9 thoughts on “WIP Thursday

  1. First – it looks great.
    I’m assuming that you loaded the narrow edge to the roller. While it is a pain to fold in one of the side borders (makes it hard to roll), it enables you to quilt one side; reload it with the now quilted one side and finish it.
    But before I did that I would tell the customer that a quilt larger than my roller disrupts my artistic harmony. LOL. See, I was paying attention in class.

  2. The wedding ring is so beautiful in the batiks. I admire anyone who does curved piecing. I’m sure this will be an over the top quilting — just your usual stuff. LOL

  3. Okay, stupid question… Did you use a panto, do it freehand or are you now one of those lucky computerized quilters?

    (Looks great, btw)

  4. Christine, to answer your question, I freehanded it, roughly following the top decorator fabric. Because of the heavy fabrics and the thick batting, I had to use some muscle to get the job done. LOL

    No computer on board….

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