Works in Progress

Ok, what am I working on this lovely Thursday?? First off, I am taking yet another class from Jean Shute, a machine quilter whose work I respect. It is a class about color, but knowing Jean, she will make it more of an art quilt class. Here is my first homework:

On the quilting front, I am working on Virginia’s quilt, a cute little heart quilt made using a Buggy Barn pattern:

As you can see, I’m freehand stitching a heart sashing, quilting the heart shape a similar way, and then using a swirly fill for the background of each block. In the last border, I’m doing a freeform design incorporating hearts.

This quilt is done completely freehand- that is to say I am using no marking, no stencils, nada. My goal is to finish this today.

Enjoy your day, too! Hugs, Carla

7 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. I love the Buggy barn hearts. I’ve done one that was really bright! hot! colors.

    And the class isn’t just about color…it’s called Color and Design. LOL

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