Buggy Barn Heart Quilt

I have finished the Heart Quilt. Here is the outcome:

First, the block and sashing design:

then the full quilt:

Even though it was a simple quilting, it was rather labor intensive due to the density of the quilting. Thus said, it hangs very nice on my dining room table.

I LOVE Buggy Barn patterns. Especially in bright or batik colors.

Now to load the next one… Can you tell I’m on a roll?? Hugs, Carla

12 thoughts on “Buggy Barn Heart Quilt

  1. What an adorable quilt — so bright and cheerful!! You really made the quilt talk — over the top — as always.

  2. Hi
    I love your colors. I am making this quilt. I cut all the stuff and started sewing today – but I am stuck.

    If you recall maybe you can give me some input

    I am sewing the first section 1B to 2B. When I lay 1B write side down on 2B I match up corner to corner – sew my 1/4 inch. I turn 1B over to press and it looks horrible. There is about 1/4 inch of 1B hanging over the edge of 2B. The directions don’t help on how the pieces should look sewn together raw…
    I may just pack up for the day drive to a local quilt shop and ask for some help.

  3. Hi! I googled heart quilts and your heart quilt came up. I loved it so much that I ordered the pattern. I love the pinks and reds you used.

    When I ordered the pattern, I ordered 2 of them so that I could give one of them away on my blog. I put in a link to your post and showed everyone your beautiful quilt.

    I love that you put it on your dining room table. I, too, love quilts on my dining room table.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring us with a beautiful quilt!

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