Free Buttons!!

It must be my lucky day!! Look what I got for free from my local quilt store owner, Linda:

Some of the items reminded me of my childhood… remember Zody’s??

Just when it couldn’t possibly get better… she also mentions that they were going to throw away a huge bag of wool!! OMG… I pounced before she could even finish her sentence!! Here it is after I brought it home and felted it:

It appears that the person who brought it to the quilt store to give away had purchased most of these wool pieces from Ireland, most likely from a factory. That bottom piece alone is about 6 yards!! Hmmm… now i need to actually use them in a project.

Some days are just luckier than most!!

Hugs, Carla

9 thoughts on “Free Buttons!!

  1. holy cow, you’ve struck gold! I’m just loving the buttons, not even thinking about what you can make with the wool!

    I’m bored at work.

  2. I know, it reminds me of the huge Button pile at ArtFiberFest! I still remember meeting Jana and her giving me a reading over the buttons!!

    Bored? Why you can always send out IEP Meeting notices… LOL!!

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