Autumn quilt finished

Ok, it’s been a busy week, but I finally finished quilting my quilt. This is a memory quilt I made for my son, he went to a special school in CT about 2 years ago. The autumns in CT are just spectacular, hence the bright autumn theme and colors. There are about a dozen pictures of my son and life at the school subtly placed in this quilt:

and the back of the quilt:

As you can see, it is a perfectly typical quilting job. My freehand Carla border focusing on oak leaves, CC in the pieced border using mono filament so as not to obscure the photo transfers, and texture quilting in the oak leaf blocks. Now to trim the quilt and start the binding. Have I mentioned how much I dislike bindings? LOL

Note from Carla:  This quilt was originally featured in Fall 2002 Quiltmaker’s magazine, it is a design by Carolyn Reardon.  Here is a link to this pattern:

Speaking of quilts, I have my own snuggle quilt I made for myself a few years ago. I love the feel of minkee, so the back is a lovely shade of pink minkee. This morning, my cat, Oscar, decided that it belongs to him instead:

There is a special relationship between cats and quilts. Put a quilt in the room and turn your back for just one moment, then look around and the cat is sleeping on the quilt. Weird….

Enjoy your day! Carla

16 thoughts on “Autumn quilt finished

  1. “it is a perfectly typical quilting job”

    I am so impressed my jaw is on the ground…if that is typical what do you call it when you pull the stops out. That is simply an amazing piece.

    So lovely!

  2. I love the quilt Carla. It has such beautiful colors. I have quilts around my house and Jazzy loves them. She don’t want to lay on it though, she wants under it. She looks so funny trying to root her way under. Of course, after we laugh at her a few minutes we help her get under it.

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  4. I love this stunning autumn quilt! Can you please tell me where I can buy the pattern? I would love to make one myself…

    best regards,

    Saskia Mahieu
    The Netherlands

  5. Your quilt is stunning…I love everything about it…can you lets us know if this pattern is your own design or something that is published. I would like to try my hand in making one.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Sunrise, FL

  6. This quilt design, minus the use of photo transfer, was not one of my designs. I found it in an old (early 2000) Quiltmaker magazine. The magazine does not credit the designer either, so it is a mystery.

    I would suggest you contact the magazine and find it that way. Good luck!

  7. hi Carla came across your autumn quilt and would love to make one. could you please send me information as to where i can get the pattern? I would really appreciate it. if it is no longer available maybe i could possibly buy it from you?

    thanks so much


    • Hi Theresa, No idea where you could get this pattern, though the info for where I found it is listed above. I made it back in 2004, so I am not even sure I have the pattern. Thus said, it would be easy to re-create, you applique on a stylized leaf shape in both positive and negative colors, then you slice in half, swap one side, and sew back together for a finished block. Good luck! Carla

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