New Family Member!

Meet Sarge, our new dog:

Sarge was in need of a good home.  He is 6 years old, very sweet, and just wants to be loved.  That we will gladly do!

If you read my blog regularly, then you might remember that my previous dog, Rex, went missing, then we found his body on the ranch.  We were very sad as we had loved him for 12+ years.  It took well over a year, but now we have a new dog again.


Oreo The Cat: Update!

I thought I would update everyone about Oreo the Cat.  In case you are not aware of this heart warming story involving a  sweet black kitty, just read here.

Oreo was severely injured when someone started their car and the engine parts mangled this cat.  The person left Oreo and did not seek help.  The cat’s owner found Oreo, and called my husband, Joe, to help seek treatment.

The owner did not have the ability to pay for emergency or vet treatment, so my husband stepped up and paid for Oreo’s care.  Oreo needed an amputation, and about a week and a half of veterinarian care.  I promised you pictures, so here are some images of  Oreo taken today:

and this last shot:

I have some good news:  Oreo’s owner decided to give him to us so we could follow up with any needed care.   So now we have a new indoor kitty!!

Oreo is adjusting well.  He came out to explore today and comes when I call him.  He jumped up to give me about an hour worth of purring kitty love, it was very sweet.

Last Saturday, Joe took Oreo back to our Vet.  They were touched by this dear brave kitty, who has been through so much and still purrs.  The office staff became so very attached to Oreo during his stay, that they decided to take pictures and make a plaque to hang in the office.

I’m sure they were also touched by my husband, who so freely stepped in to pay for Oreo’s care.    What a man!  I sure did marry a good one!!

And that is my update!  I love a happy ending….

Oreo Update

This update is for those of you following the story of the sweet little black and white cat named Oreo, who  became badly injured after seeking warmth by sleeping in the engine area of a car.   At least this is the Vet’s theory based on the cat’s injuries.  The owner of the cat is disabled, and does not have the resources to pay for the cat’s care, so my dear husband (DH) is paying for all the treatment.

This weekend, Oreo’s back leg was amputated, and now he has recovered enough to be discharged later today.  DH Joe will drive Oreo back to the owner, who lives in the next town over, but I think he is going to offer to adopt this sweet 3 legged feline.  We feel that Oreo should be an indoor cat and will need follow up care.  I will let you know whether we get a new kitty or not.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments about what my husband did.  He is a great guy, a very kind man, and feels he is just doing the right thing and not anything special.  In fact, he doesn’t know I have written 2 posts now about his kindness- and would be embarrassed to learn I did.

Back to my quilting studio now.  I am almost finished with the Kimono quilt for Barb, just need to finish up some curved crosshatching and SID, and I am done!   Hugs from Carla




Oreo The Cat

Earlier this week, one evening, we received a phone call about an injured kitty named Oreo.  The owner lives on disability and had no car  or way to take Oreo to the emergency veterinarian.

My husband dropped everything and drove Oreo to the after hours emergency vet.  This poor cat, only about a year old,  had somehow gotten into a neighbor’s car (fan belt area) and fell asleep.  At least that is what the vet thinks.

Later that evening, we received a call from the emergency vet.  He said the kitty needs his back leg amputated it was so badly mangled.  Oreo had other injuries, too, including his front paw, which possibly sustained nerve damage.  Anyhow, the after-hours vet said that in the morning, Oreo would need to go to the usual vet office for treatment.

The next morning, my husband picked up Oreo and drove him over to our family vet for treatment.  Initially, they thought they could save his leg, but it became much worse.  Time for a decision…. euthanize Oreo or amputate his leg?  My good-hearted husband chose amputation,  saying that Oreo had such a sweet temperament.   Despite his injuries, Oreo was purring and very affectionate.

You may ask why my husband is making all the decisions when Oreo is not our cat?  It is because he knew the owner couldn’t afford the vet care, and really wasn’t in a financial or social position to even have a cat.  So, he is paying for all of Oreo’s vet bills, including emergency hospital care, a week or more of board and care, plus the surgery.  My DH is such a kind man, it touches my heart just how kind.  What is amazing is that my DH thinks he is doing nothing special, just doing the “right thing” for the situation.

Update:  Yesterday, we received a call to learn that Oreo came through the surgery just fine.  That is good news!  I will keep you updated about this now 3 -legged kitty.  Oh yes, the front paw that had some nerve damage initially?  Oreo is now moving it normally, too.

I promise to keep you posted about Oreo.

Retail Therapy etc.

My shopping mission today involves finding just the right dress to wear to a wedding later this month.  I will admit that I rarely wear dresses,  so looking in my closet revealed some summer dresses, rarely worn, and lots of comfortable clothing- including a whole wardrobe for those times when I need to speak in front of a crowd.

No dress appropriate for a fall wedding though.  None.  So off I go hunting for a new dress today.  Any dress shopping advice is welcome though.

Other News…  Now that my class is finished, I am busy working on future class developments, plus working on my book, plus a new booklet.   I also plan to design some fiber/bead wearable art, maybe if I find just the right dress, I can design a cool art piece to match.

Also, I am making a new freeform  crochet scarf  using a wide variety of yarn.  Here are the colors I am using:

Of course, Oscar saw yarn and just had to get in my way:

Silly kitty!  What is it about cats and yarn?  Or cats and quilts?

Enjoy your day!!  Carla


WIP Wednesday

Hello, I have been quilting and beading like mad…I should have some cool photos to show you by tomorrow of the quilt I am finishing for Nancy.  From a quilting standpoint, it does present some design challenges, but I will show you how I got around it.

I am also waiting for my new computer motherboard upgrade for my longarm machine.  I decided it was time to upgrade at last, bringing my machine up to speed with the latest edition.

Wonder how Oscar is?  Oscar is my favorite kitty, and he follows me around all day from room to room.  Nirvana for him is laying across my chest, purring, and wanting attention.  Here is what Oscar looks like:

Oscar was attacked by an unknown animal, and so off to the vet we went.  Right now, Oscar is feeling much better, halfway through his antibiotics.  I take him back to the vet next week for his rabies booster, and to double check how his infection is.

Joe has been lobbying me for a new dog to replace Rex.  I have been dragging my feet as Rex is a hard dog to follow.  If we consider doing this, what breed this time?  I think I would want a smaller dog than Rex- who was about 100 pounds.  The dog would need to be friendly, yet bark when strangers show up.  Nice around the grandkids, too, and not a biter.   What breed do you feel fits the bill?

That’s all for now.  Look for another yacht trip soon, more quilts, and a summer beading project.  Hugs, Carla

Oscar Attacked!

While I was away, my favorite kitty, Oscar, was attacked by some raccoons.  Here is Oscar in younger days:

Joe called me while I was in Kansas to report a wound back by Oscar’s tail.  Hmmm…. we have a number of wild critters living here on the ranch,  so I was thankful he had escaped.

Since Rex passed away, we have noticed more wild animals coming closer to our house- coyotes, skunks, raccoons, deer, etc.

Last night, we figured out that raccoons were coming through our cat door into the garage to eat the catfood.   Joe saw one in the garage, so he blocked access and kept them out last night.  We will do a permanent fix, since we need to keep our kitties safe.

I know you can buy cat doors that opens only if your cat wears a special collar.  We tried this previously, but the cats just didn’t respond to training.  I will look into it once again now.

Enjoy your week!  Carla

Leaving Sodus Point, NY

This is my travel journal from a yacht delivery trip of the Motor/Yacht (M/Y) Odyssey, a 75 foot Lazzara, which started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and ended in Bay Harbor, Michigan.- Carla

Hello to all!  I haven’t updated my post for awhile… the flu bug laid my sister and I low for about 5 days.  We are now up and feeling well once again, so life is good!  Even better- we just returned the rental car and plan to leave today!

Here are a few pics from our stay here in the marina (click to enlarge)   and (oops, the crochet one shouldn’t be in this grouping):

The mechanics are done, only some computer programming to do with the engines and the joystick.  This boat has the new feature where you can drive it with a joystick control.

Staying here a week, though picturesque, has been challenging.  It is a remote location and even the grocery store is far away.  I am glad that we were hit with the flu while awaiting parts and repair, it would have been miserable to be sick and working the locks.

Speaking of locks, tomorrow, if all goes to plan, we will be in the Welland Canal.  The Welland Canal allows shipping and sea traffic to bypass Niagara Falls.  Due to our time constraints, we will miss taking an extra day to see the Falls, visit the Niagara wineries, and obtain some ice wine.  Bummer!

Creative wise, I have only finished one item- a freeform scarf for my sister:

(click photo above)

I am working on some beaded items to share later.  Hopefully, I will finish at least 2 items before the trip ends.

More to tell you, life on a boat is very interesting.  I confess to being a bit homesick right now to see Joe, Baby Jack and home!  Big news at home is that Oscar got 1) a foxtail in the eye; and 2) bit by an animal in the hind leg.  He has been to vet 3 times this week.  Poor Oscar!

oscar My favorite picture of Oscar

Hugs to you all, hope all is well on your end.  The Oydssey continues…….

Good News!

My youngest son is moving to the East Bay area of San Francisco, this will be his first second time living away from home.    The first time was when he went to The Woodhall School in CT for high school.  Anyhow, my son will be starting a wonderful program that is geared to his unique needs.

I received the list for setting him up in his apartment.  Luckily, I have been saving furniture and picking up many of  the items he will need over the last 6 months.  Still, I have been shopping my heart out to buy him things like a microwave, a vacuum cleaner,  new sheets, towels, cleaning supplies, etc.

This will be a wonderful transition point in his life.  His apartment is just a block away from the Bart Station, with its the subway system, plus he can finally live on his own.  Anyway, I have today and tomorrow to get his list filled, so I’m out the door again off to the stores.

Packing for my trip- hmmmm….. this is harder than is looks.  I am having trouble trying to decide which beads to leave behind.  I need to get tough and not bring the whole blasted bead stash!!  I’m thinking I had better leave some yarn behind, too.   LOL, I know where my priorities are!!

Books:  I don’t mention this very often, but I am a voracious reader.  I guess I should mention from time to time what book I am reading.  I am just beginning Dewey, which is about a cat that lived its life in a library.  Only problem with animal stories- they always die in the end and make me cry!

Anyone read a good book lately that want to share?

Selvage Chicken

It is only fitting to post a picture of my selvage chicken:


I like my selvage chicken, it has character.

Speaking of selvages, I received a call today from Doug, the quilt store owner, male quilter, and custom tear drop trailer maker extraordinaire!  Doug does a drop dead Bill Clinton inpersonation and he has a funny sense of humor. So when I answered the phone, he used his Bill Clinton voice to ask for a donation to the Bill Clinton Presidential Library so they could put in “old Spice” cologne and “other” dispenser machines in the library bathrooms.   I could not make this up, I promise you!!    Doug is one funny guy!!

But I digress…. the reason Doug called was to tell me he had saved me a huge TON of selvages!!!  Woo-hoo!!!  Now I can work on my next project.

Life is good!  Hugs, Carla