Bead Crochet- WIP

I’ve been talking to a few people about the beading crochet class I took last week. I plan to use it on a future project, but here is a small sneak peek on what bead crocheting looks like:

Once I have some free time, I will show you some more finished pieces. Notice you can’t see the thread used in the crochet work? It is all in the technique and also using a very small metal crochet hook.

Hugs, Carla

3 thoughts on “Bead Crochet- WIP

  1. That is really cool! Of course I love the colors. Does it take a long to get it going or it is more of a hand/wrist technique that once you get used to it it moves more quickly? The beads look small and therefore the holes to put the thread through must be tiny as well.


  2. Hi Karen, it is more complex that I had thought it would be . Thus said, I am stubborn enough to keep at it until I finally master it. The first inch is the hardest, then you just have to be careful that you keep track of your “row.”

    I also have a book that shows you how to string the thread for special effects. That’s my next goal!

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