Wedding ring quilt

When I’m not drawing up instructions for a baked potato bag (see below post), I am working on a Wedding Ring quilt for a friend. I am quilting rarely these days, but I do expect this quilt will take me about 3 full days to complete it. I am starting with the blocks, then will SID the wedding ring pattern and add in the microwork to make those blocks pop.


(click to open image)

I’m still undecided how to quilt the rings. If anyone has an opinion, be sure to leave it under the “comment” section.

A few days ago, I mentioned how I work with my friends with regard to design. I typically draw up one-four ideas, then email it to the friend for feedback. Usually they will pick one from the drawings. Here are the drawings for this quilt:


Options 1 & 2 are from stencils, options 3 & 4 are my own. My friend picked option 2, however, I did modify the smaller white section a bit.

I will echo or microstitch around the motifs in the non-quilted area. Wedding ring patterns seem to take a long time to quilt, imho. Could be my attention span, though. 🙂

When I finish, I will be sure to take a full picture and show you later on. In the meantime, enjoy your day. Regards, Carla

12 thoughts on “Wedding ring quilt

  1. Oh my, that’s purdy! I would have thought to do the SID first, is there an advantage to putting the design on before the ditching?

    Can’t wait to see the final on this one.

  2. Jorga, good question. Actually there is some extra fullness in the top, hence the 2nd batt. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to SID, but now I will. I could SID as I go, too, if I felt like changing thread and tension.

    The decision to SID first has its roots , imho, from hand or domestic machine quilting. So long as you control your quilt layers during the whole quilting process, it matters not whether you quilt as you go or SID the top, then roll back- or vice versa.

    The majority of quilts I start in the left corner and work across and down, then roll and do it over again until the quilt is completed.

    A few quilts I have SID’ed then rolled back and filled in. Other quilts, like this one, I will quilt areas, then change to Monolon thread by Madiera, starting from the bottom, SID the areas that need it.

    I guess there are no right or wrong ways to do it, only quilt it in the manner that works for you. Hugs, Carla

  3. I agree about the SID, Carla. Whether I do it first or last depends on how flat and square (or wonky!) the top is…….

    So pretty! I can’t wait to see it finished!!


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  5. do you have…on the web…the instructions for the baked potato bag. I teach 4-H girls quilting and one wants to make the bag for her first fair project.

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