Haven’t posted as usual this week, because I am working to some deadlines. I expect a few more days of hard work on that Wedding Ring quilt, it is looking very nice so far.

High on my priority list is finishing several high resolution images of new cartoons to send to the magazine. Redrawing them takes anywhere from 6-8 hours per cartoon, mainly because I am working in a very high res (1200 dpi), and I really want to create a professional finished piece of work. To see my cartoons, pick up a copy of the magazine, Machine Quilting Unlimited.


Only one week to go before my first grandbaby makes his appearance into the world! We went out to dinner with the kids last night, my dear DIL, Aimee, is so ready to deliver! Anyhow, this is an exciting time in my life! My DMIL is here visiting for 2 weeks, so she will get to see her first great- grandbaby if he is born in time.

Other news on the ranch- Rex has his post coyote attack visit with the vet today. He is hoping to get the cone thingy off his head. Woody the Redneck Contractor comes by for a visit today, so I hope to share some more “Woodyisms” with you in the near future. He is such a character!

Back to quilting now. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Carla


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