WIP Wednesday

Today, I am still working on the wedding ring quilt shown earlier.  I need to finish this soon, so I can quilt the Japanese guild quilt next. After that is a show quilt, and after that is some quilting for a mystery quilt.

Every so often, we get mystery quilts we need to do, ones that will be published in either a book or a magazine.  Those we must quilt in secrecy, we can spill the beans only after the publishing date.  Later this year I can tell you more about it.

I quilted for a few hours this morning, then ran to the quilt store to pick up some new fabric and other goodies.  I needed the right shade of lime green and orange to make a block for a memorial quilt.  I do believe I will dust off my sewing machine and prove to myself that yes, I can piece a block of a quilt and that everything will match up perfectly. LOL, sometimes I get sidetracked with my quilting, beading, crochet, etc. that I need to remind myself I can piece a quilt… or a block, at least.

For you altered couture fans, don’t miss Project Runway viewed later today on Bravo.  It’s no surprise I am a huge fan of this show.  I especially love the challenges where the designers have to work with unconventional materials- last week was a candy store.  If you like the show AND have a delightful, rather oddball sense of humor, be sure to check out my favorite PR blog: called Project Rungay.  Simply Hilarious!!

Back to work now.  Take care!  Carla

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I’m sitting here watching PR while scrolling through blogs. I have to say that I love Chris! I love the way he laughs at himself. It makes me want to give him a big hug! I think he’s a fabulous designer too!

  2. I taped the new episode last night, so I will comment, dear Lynn, after I watch it. I like Chris, too, though. I was sorry to see Jack leave a few episodes ago.

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