Feather Heart Design

Here is another in my Art&Stitch Practice Series.  Art&Stitch is a digitizing program found here.

Today, I decided to channel my inner froo-froo, girly side.  I call this design my Heart Feather Series:

quilting design by Carla Barrett

quilting design by Carla Barrett

First, I see this used in a border:

quilting design by Carla Barrett

quilting design by Carla Barrett

Or how about as a wreath design:

quilting design by Carla Barrett

quilting design by Carla Barrett

Here’s a block design, too:

Design by Carla Barrett

Design by Carla Barrett

And, finally, my favorite design- a larger Block Motif:

design by Carla Barrett

design by Carla Barrett

Hope you have enjoyed this series of quilting designs I have created using Art&Stitch design software.  More information on this software is found here.  

Which one is YOUR favorite?





8 thoughts on “Feather Heart Design

  1. Carla, It’s been a long time since we’ve “talked” but rest assure, I’ve been keeping an eye on you! 🙂 I like the wreath design one particularly because today our applique group decided on our 2014 project. A block of our choice using a wreath design. What a fabulous design this would make in applique. I’m not sure I’m that ambitious, but if I were, I’d like to try to reproduce the effect with multi-colored batiks. What do you think? Would this even work??

    • Good taste! Sailing trip is coming soon…. can’t wait! In the meantime, I am spending lots of time preparing for it. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I just found your blog through Pinterest. Your quilting is amazing. I just downloaded your 10 feather worksheets! Thanks for those. I had determined that this was the year I would get comfortable with feathers and you have given me much to do to achieve that goal. I’ve browsed through many of your posts and watched videos. I am a new follower!

    • Hi Janet, thanks for writing! Here is a tip I did when I was new to feathers. I lightly drew them out first as a guide to follow when freehanding. This made it much easier and took away most of the stress. Also, be sure to not get too anal about every feather. Even if you hate a feather while you are quilting, keep going. If it still bugs you a day later, then fix it, otherwise, leave it in. My feathers are not perfect, but looks fabulous as an entire design! Carla

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