Doug’s Finished Quilts

I realized I never posted images for Doug’s 2 quilts I quilted recently.  I will start with the Group quilt, which had Doug (High Sierra Quilt Store) to piece it, Bobbie Jarrett to applique some wonderful cattails on the quilt, I quilted it, and Lyn Baker is binding the quilt.

Here is the finished quilt laying on dining room table:


This quilt has wonderful texture quilting, and I have purposely added dimension to the cattails so they poof up nicely.  This quilt has a duck hunting theme, so look carefully for the duck hunter, and lots of ducks flying away in the quilting.   Here is the back of the quilt:


My favorite part of this quilt is the borders and cornerstone design:


The circle duck design I created to match the border design.  I took motifs from the border design, separated them, then created 2 circles to contain the arrangement.  The piano keys were done by hand using my Fine LIne Ruler.  The border design was purchased from Digitech Patterns here.  Denise Schillinger designed the duck border- which is actually a loon, but figured no one would know the difference.  LOL

Doug was very happy with my quilting, and I liked how the textural the quilting made the cattails poof out dimensionally.  It will be entered into a local County Fair next month.

Doug also creates retro teardrop trailers completely by hand.  He is a true artisan with his trailers- and is currently almost finished with his latest trailer.  Every trailer he makes, I quilt him a quilt which matches.  Here is a modern quilt with some retro quilting.  I actually used a design found here for the borders.  Once again, the border design is one by Denise Schillinger.


The design shown above is perfect for this modern quilt.  The density of the quilting will be great for the intended use- as a decorative bed quilt in the trailer.  Doug also used this fabric line to make curtains, too.

Hope you have enjoyed this preview!  Stay tuned for a really interesting quilt which I am working on now.    Hugs, Carla

PS: I just realized that this post is my 1,000 post I have written since I moved my blog to WordPress.   WordPress stats also tells me that I have had almost 1.6 million visitors to my blog since I moved the blog here!  Thanks for your visits and support!


9 thoughts on “Doug’s Finished Quilts

    • So good to hear from you! I was just thinking about you and will head over to your blog to catch up. 2 weeks away from my big sailing trip now!

    • Thanks to YOUR digitzed designs, my dear! Do you like how I split your loon border design and made the circular design in the cornerstones? Your 2nd design was also perfect for the modern quilt- so thank YOU!!

      Keep those designs coming, Denise!

      • Yes, I loved everything in the quilt! The circle motif around the loon for your corners was perfection.

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