Open Call for Quilt Top pics

I am having an open call for unquilted quilt top images.  You all know how I love to draw on quilt top pictures, so I’ve decided to start a weekly or every other week post on the topic.

So…. if you have any unquilted quilt tops lying around and want to send a picture of them to me, please do!  If  you do not know my email address, then leave me a comment and I’ll contact you.

12 thoughts on “Open Call for Quilt Top pics

  1. I have one I would like to send you too. I am completely stumped on how to quilt this one. Maybe you will have a good idea. I don’t have your email address. The quilt is shown on my blog. It is pink and lime green. Look on my stash report 6. It is shown at the bottom.

  2. How sweet of you to do this! I wish I had half your creativity.
    I started a whole cloth last year, not really liking part of it but ran out of ideas after the middle.

  3. Hi
    i have a pix of an unquilted top. in fact i have a whole box! but this one has me stumped as to what to do with it. would love to see your ideas for it. i need your address.

  4. I’m with Sandy, I have several to choose from and one in particular that the borders need to be completed before sending off pictures. How exciting!

  5. I have two that I’m saving them for your Quilt Whisperer class next week-end; an antique applique and a mystery class.

    I have some embroidered ones from ebay that have lots of quilting territory. I’ll send a photo of one. I am working to learn my new Bamboo Fun but it’s like everything that is worthwhile, it takes practice.

  6. A Quilt Whisperer Class! I wish I lived closer so I could attend! Sounds exciting!

    This is an awesome thing for you to draw on our quilt tops! I love your work and drool everytime I see a quilt that you worked your magic on. I will decide which one to send you.

    Quilt on!

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