Working on a quilt sketch…

I have a special quilt that is coming up and so I’ve ordered the special thread today.  Now to start sketching on my quilt design.  Hmmm… here is my first effort, however, I want to do some other sketches as well before I decide on the final design.



13 thoughts on “Working on a quilt sketch…

  1. WOW CARLA!! That is simply beautiful, can’t wait to see the finished product. WOW

    What will you use for batting? Will you use two layers of batting?

    Hi Rebecca, yes, 2 batts… the bottom will be black. C

  2. What a beautiful quilt — I’m always so interested to see how that creative brain of yours comes up with the ideas for quilting — it’s always so unique.

  3. I so want to crawl inside your BRAIN!!! (ewwwww – that sounds gross) Can’t you just bottle some of that creativity and give to us – PLEASE!!!????

  4. It looks great. I can’t wait to see it quilted. What software do you use to draw those sketches?

    Hi Ramona, I use photoshop to draw on the images and any other illustration or cartoon. C

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