My Entrance Gate

I realized that I never showed you all the finished entrance gate to my home on the hill.  It is rather  big and pretty impressive for a gate to keep out the cows, I admit.  Of course, I have a story for why it is so big here if you want to read the back story.

I thought it would be fun to take 5 pictures and paste them together for a panoramic view:

There is also a control pad, phone and camera system built into the gate.  Pretty cool, isn’t it?  Plus it matches my house.  Here is one reason to have a gate:

I thought I would share the view out my front door:

And here is my door looking back.  When this special ordered door was first installed, a cow decided to plop down against it and blew out the bottom of the door.  Can you hear me phone my insurance agent and tell them a cow ruined my front door?  LOL

Christmas is over, so I guess I had better lose the poinsettia  doormat?  LOL

Peeking in, you can see there is a quilt pattern in the travertine floor entry way.  And you can see the new fireplace mantle and surround.   Here is the picture I showed previously before it was finished and grouted:

Anyway, I love my home and it fits me to a “T.”  We plan to live here post retirement and hopefully for the rest of our lives.   What do you love about your home?  Regards, Carla

14 thoughts on “My Entrance Gate

  1. I live on 16 acres of pine and aspen forest. My nearest neighbors are just visible through the trees if you know where to look. That’s what I love best.

  2. Current home/apartment: view and sunshine, also the closeness afforded by a small place.

    New house? Ummm, the sink? No, a lot more than that…..the feel of it. And if I get that terrace and work-room up top? That too.

  3. We sold our huge home for a small 2 story 100 yr old, did a renovation, Cottage Style. Comfy & cozy, grandkids love the attic. I love my home!

  4. I love everything about my home. It is on the small side but it fits us. We live in a rural area and it is peaceful and quiet. We don’t have cows as neighbors just a dog or too.

    • Actually, I think the gate is bigger than my home…LOL. I actually downsized my first design to accommodate our empty nest. Still, he has a large library, I have my quilt studio, a bedroom for the grandkids and a guest room.

      Can’t beat those memories of the kids growing up!

  5. Love your home – beautiful design! I like mine because it is also in the country, it is made from two “rounds” connected with an entry atrium and living in a round house has a good spirit. Also, it was built by my Bob over a 20 year period starting when he was a “lonely bachelor”. (ha!) We were here when we worked every day, enjoying it now in retirement and plan to be here for a couple more decades. The grandskids love it! It is a fun house.

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