Here in California, living in the foothills, we only get a dusting of snow every winter if we are lucky.  Last night, a winter storm moved in, and so we woke up to over a foot of snow on the ground!   Also unusual, we had thunder-snow,  which is lightening storm with the snow.

Carla note: The snow continued for a couple of hours after I took the above photo.  In the end the snow on the patio furniture doubled in depth!

We also lost power, but I am able to type this thanks to our generator.  The oak trees are not used to the heavy weight of the snow, so they are breaking branches off left and right.  We have a utility van we use on occasion and it had several large branches fell on it.

We did take time to play in the snow.  I made a snowcat and Joe made a snowman:

I am staying warm right now by wrapping myself in my lovely snuggle quilt.  Yes, I use a snuggle quilt with minkee in the winter time.

I will update this post with pics as soon as I am able to charge my other computer when the power is restored.  I have a feeling that clearing up branches is in my future!  LOL

Regards, Carla


If we are lucky, maybe we will see snow once a year.  Every few years, it will snow enough to cover the ground.  Snow started falling yesterday morning  and it snowed for hours.

Here is the view out my front door, my back door, and the side:






As you can tell, I have a pretty nice view where I live!  The snow didn’t last, but maybe we will get more tonight!

And oh yes, before I forget:


Happy Valentine’s Day!!  Tonight we are celebrating by attending a fund-raising Crab Feed with Rancher Ed and neighbors down at the Veteran’s Hall.  If that sounds like small town Americana- yes, it is.  LOL!

What are you doing tonight?  Carla

WIP Monday

It’s beginning to look like Christmas here in the Northern California Foothills.  We’ve had snow the last few days, but it has melted.  Right now, it is starting to accumulate, so I’m hoping I can get a good picture tomorrow morning to show you.

Now that I have my batting, I’ve loaded and have started the beautiful Egyptian quilt.  Here is a picture to remind you:


I have one more quilt to do  before Christmas, the next one is for a friend’s daughter.

Then, my favorite (and only) sister, Yvette, is coming for a visit right after Christmas.  She shocked me by asking if I would help create her very first quilt- a baby quilt.  Once I picked my jaw off the floor, I agreed.  I’m still thinking of a easy quilt that would only take one day to piece…  Ideas???

Still haven’t finished my two freeform crochet scarf projects, been sidetracked by online Christmas shopping.  Remember that purple/blue/green one?  Susan Italo had a birthday on Sunday, and this scarf is earmarked for her:


Remember the Bella Bella book that was published last year?  Susan did some quilting for the author, so if you have that book, you can see her work.

So the big question of the day is….

Have you finished your Holiday shopping or not??  Do you procrastinate like me or do you have it wrapped and organized before Thanksgiving?  Something in between?  Do Tell!