Quilty WIP

Confession time!  Remember that fall I took when I was racing to the homespun yarn booth at the Troy, NY Farmer’s Market?   Oops! I re-injured my elbow and lower back.  This has put a bit of a damper on how many hours I can be creative and work in a given day.  Bummer!

Thus said, here is what I am working on, quilting wise.  First up is a new slash therapy quilt in a different color scheme.  Here is a part of my quilt-in-progress:


I also have made some progress on Nancy’s quilt.  Here is the first border:

nancy border copy

In case you are curious, the lovely floral part of the border design is a stencil by Hari Walner.  I have added some freehand “a la Carla” to complete the space and give it some visual punch!

Tomorrow, I get to babysit Jack, I can’t wait to spend some quality time with him!  Here he was last weekend, tolerating his stroller:

Jack in stroller

Keep watching to see my progress!  It is ice to be quilting and piecing again!

Hugs, Carla

Slashed Poppy quilt

Here’s a poppy quilt I pieced for myself one day when I was feeling like I never get to piece quilt fabric together. Haven’t named it yet… the colors appeal to me though. It is loaded and ready to quilt now:

I started with a large piece of the poppy fabric. I laid it out, slashed it, then added black strips to the mix. Some pieces I swapped with colorful batiks. Threw on an interesting border and I’m done. Now I loaded it for the machine quilting. I added an interesting border just for the heck of it.

While I was hunting for supplies, I came across a mini quilted top that I did a while ago. Actually, I was just doodling:

That’s all for now Just click on the image to see it better.