Back from Tahoe Again!

Seems like I am always heading to Tahoe and back, doesn’t it?  We had another fun weekend in South Lake Tahoe,

dock 1

we decided to try out a restaurant, Evans American Gourmet Cafe, that our son, Stephen, had been to just a week prior.  Stephen is always trying to expand our horizons, so he even called Evans up and made the reservation.

The last time Stephen suggested a place to eat out, he took us to Morton’s, a yummy meal which certainly qualified as the most expensive-meal-I-have-ever-eaten Award.   So we approached Evans with some hesitation, but as soon as we got there, we were put at ease by the friendly, down to earth staff.

Kudos to owners Evan and Candace and their staff as Evans is a culinary gem!  The chef prepared  our appetizer, entrees and dessert using only the freshest ingredients.  They also had a wonderful wine list as well.  A real treat, all-in-all!  Thanks, Stephen, for the recommendation!

Saturday and Sunday were spent learning more sailing skills related to coastal cruising and navigation.  Instructor Robert had lots of personality and fun stories- which made the time fly by!  (Hello to classmate Beverley, btw!)

The highlight for us was the extensive docking practice we received.  Robert had us spinning the 32′ sailboat around in the harbor over and over.  Yes, near all the other boats, too.

Once you have learned to use the wind, and boat helm controls to spin the boat on a dime, well… docking a boat is a cake walk!!  That exercise gave me the courage to do anything!

Sunday, we also were taught anchoring skills, and of course, the wind died down just before the “man overboard” drills.  What this means is we have to come back when there is more wind and do this part of the program before we are signed off in our log books.  Oh well.

Here is the boat we took out.  I remembered to take pictures only after docking.  I took the picture while standing in the cockpit of the boat:

dock 2 copy

Back home on Monday.  Today it is back to quilting again, and beading.     Hope your weekend was as memorable!