Hairy Leg Quilt

You all know I can quilt traditional quilts, such as the Carolina Lily quilt shown a few days ago. I love traditional quilts, but I especially love quilting whimsical quilts.

My friend, Lori, made a wonderful shoe quilt as her very first quilt. The design was mutually developed during one of our Creative Adventure Weeks a few years ago. Anyhow, when it came to the quilting, I just couldn’t resist having fun!


Of course, each shoe block just begged to have a leg quilted in. Then, knowing Lori would appreciate my weird sense of humor, I quilted in 3-D hairy tufts on the yellow leg!


I quilted other strange stuff on the other leg blocks, too. How could you not love a fun quilt such as this?

Next Quilt: My next quilt to do is a retro, astro, alien, spaceship quilt- and, oh yes, some retro teardrop trailers thrown in as well. This is a quilt for a male quilter (named Doug) who owns a teardrop trailer and a quilt store. Terrific combo, I think.

Doug has a very healthy and odd sense of humor, so he loves it when I “hide” weird motifs into his quilting. The stranger the better, he says. Probably the weirdest I have done for him was the star constellation in the shape of Monica Lewinski’s blue dress with an extra star located where the stain is. I also have quilted aliens dragging off the GOP elephant symbol, too.

If When I quilt something really strange into this next quilt, I will be sure to take a picture. If someone has a odd quilting motif suggestion, too, be sure to leave me a comment with your idea. LOL!

regards, Carla