Featured Blog: Creative Kismet

Artist/Crafter Regina Lord initially started her blog, “Creative Kismet,” just over two years ago as a way to connect with long-distance family members. It quickly evolved into a craft blog for this Southern Arizona mother of two and part time Registered Nurse, and as a way for her to share her own creative process with others.

I contacted Regina and received permission to share some photos of her craft tutorials with you. (In other words, all photos are credited to Regina and her site. Please do not use without her permission) Recently, Regina posted a Jewelry Pendant Tutorial, which I can’t wait to try:

kismetpendant.jpg pendant2.jpg

Another tutorial project which I love is her button bracelet. Regina told me that “making beaded jewelry was one of my very first crafting interests. My grandmother gave me her old collection of buttons, so it seemed natural that I combine the two.”


Even higher on the “cool craft” scale is her tutorial on how to make your own buttons for the button bracelet project shown above:


In addition to her craft tutorials, Regina is also a participant in Illustration Friday, an online weekly illustration challenge based on themes, Inspire Me Thursday, and has taken the Handmade Pledge. Here is an example of Regina’s creative illustration and watercolor talents:


Like many artist/crafters I know, Regina has an online etsy shop called “Good Kismet.” Here is one example of her rotating offerings, an original illustration collage, which reflects her happy marriage to “the love of her life.”


Actually, I stumbled across Regina’s blog by accident. After seeing her art, and reading that she was also happily married to the love of her life, too, I decided to showcase her blog on my site. This is a new feature I’ve added to my Feathered Fibers blog site…. every so often I will showcase a new artist.

Regards, Carla