Woody is Back!

Remember Woody the Redneck Contractor??  He’s the colorful character who helped build my house.  Anyway, Woody is back on the jobsite finishing some chores around here and yes, finally completing the infamous Woody Gate.

In true Woody fashion, he sees me and yells, “CARLA, HOWTHEHELLAREYOU??”  and “Come here and give me a HUG!!”  He is pretty much the same funny guy, but he did mention how the California construction economy is really hurting right now.  He asked me to see if any of my quilting or blog friends needs a good contractor to do any work….   Lynn, you need some help at your house, right?  LOL!

Today, I spent the day visiting Faith’s home studio and working together on class related work.  Thanks, Faith, I appreciate your hospitality, friend!  I almost finished a jewelry piece today and even got to use Faith’s new soldering torch.  Pictures to follow!

Keep watching for quilt pics, also photos of Jack.  Hugs, Carla