Antique Kimono Quilt

This lovely silk quilt was carefully and painstakingly pieced by Barbara Kiehn for a friend.  It is made from heirloom, antique kimonos and both the images and the silk kimonos are from her friend’s relatives.


The key to quilting a quilt like this one is to not overpower the kimono’s or the silk transfer images with the quilting.  Instead, I intentionally chose the thread to blend with each area, and to provide texture.  The only areas where the quilting shows is the light areas around the images and the kimono.  My intention was to enchnace these areas since i consider these the main focal points of the fiber piece.



Hope you enjoyed this quilt as much as I did!  It is so striking in person, some times the camera doesn’t capture it.  Thanks, Barb!

The next quilt is pretty cool.  I’m picking up a new one by Barb, a very cool Egyptian quilt.  I’ll ask her if she minds me showing it off.

Other news:  Joe and I are babysitting Jack tonight, plus we said farewell to my Dad and Doris, who left this morning for LA.  It was fun having them here.

Hugs, Carla