Carla’s Studio- update

Thought I would show you what my studio looks like today. It still isn’t finished, and I do not have my quilts on the wall yet. But I do have lots of places for storage- most of the storage pieces came from IKEA (in case you are interested):

My longarm quilting machine table takes up the most space.

A close up of my desk space:

and some storage ideas:

and how I store my yarn stash:

& thread:

As you can see, I just need to finish quilting the green sections on Jill’s booth quilt, then I’m finished.

I do hope you have enjoyed this tour. My studio is a work-in-progress, so it is always changing.

We went to visit Jack today (and his parents, too). He turns 6 months old tomorrow, can you believe how time flies?? Stop back by and I’ll be sure to post some pictures.

Happy Creating!! Carla

Fabric Stash Organization and Tutorial

I am busy working on my studio makeover at the moment. I have most of the large storage furniture installed that I purchased from Ikea, and now it is time to fill it with my fabric stash. How best to do this step and still have it look good? By using comic book archival acid-free boards found on this website.

All you need are some boards (I ordered 3 packs of 300 to start), some fabric, and some corsage pins (I found these heavy duty pins at WalMart for a few dollars.) My method works best on fabric, sized 1/3rd of a yard or greater. Here is the tutorial:

Fabric Wrapped Comic Book Boards:

Here is how I do this to look nice and neat (click on thumbnails for larger images):

step1 Step 1

step2 Step 2

step3 Step 3

steppin Step Pin

step4 Step 4

step-last Last Step: organize the fabric in your bookcase.


There! It doesn’t get easier than this! It looks good, and I can re-arrange it by color or collection, anything really.  Smaller pieces of fabric can be organized by color into readily accessible bins, and large pieces of fabric (3 yards or above) may simply be folded and neatly stacked on the shelf.

Of course, the above fabric is only a small percentage of my total fabric stash- like maybe 1%. It may take me weeks to complete this part of the remodel with my complete fabric stash.

Hugs, Carla


PS: See my main Tutorial Page for more projects.  Here are some finished studio pics:


My quilting machine:


And the reason why my studio is pet-free:


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Studio Progress Pictures

Joe put together some of the bookcases/storage units for my quilting/art studio yesterday.  I was able to unload a few boxes, but realize that the room is still relatively a blank slate at this point.  The color layer comes last!   Click on each thumbnail to enlarge the image.

View from the door:

studioinprogess2.jpg   studioinprogess3.jpg    

Desk/Niche storage:


Some prelim. details:





I still need to unpack my yarn, fabric stash, and thread.  Right now, my thread stash is in the two large plastic storage bins under my longarm quilting machine.

For non-quilters, that rather LARGE machine is called a longarm quilting machine.  I use it to quilt quilts, plus it has other uses to create fiber objects.  My husband calls it my very expensive play toy- LOL!

I am still hunting for just the right fabric for this room right now.  Perhaps tomorrow I will drive down the hill to search.   I also need to run back to IKEA for just a few more organization items.  Wish I had a Container Store near me!!

More Later….   Hugs, Carla

Studio Makeover and other stuff

My studio is empty, clean and painted- save for my VERY large longarm quilting machine which looks like this:


This machine takes up a lot of space- roughly 12 feet x 4 feet wide. Attempting to find storage has been the challenge in my revamped studio. My last studio was about 16×24 feet, plus had a storage area and full bathroom.

I’ve decided to go with Ikea for my arts/craft storage, specifically their Pax system. This stuff is NOT inexpensive, which is why I am attempting to research other options. I like that I can add sliding doors onto the Pax wardrobe system so the stuff is out of sight and doesn’t get dusty.

Here is my preliminary floorplan:


You can see how space is tight, but I do love how my desk/work station is near the french doors so I can see out while I work.

Hopefully, I can visit Ikea and get the studio room design finalized so I may purchase what I need to get this room back together!


Yesterday, I showed 2 projects I had been working on. The quilted cuff will have a velcro closure and here is a picture of it shaped:


Here is a more 3-D picture of the quilted basket or container showing the side panels. I sprinkled leaves on the side to help carry the theme:



This weekend, Joe and I went to a birthday party for my oldest son. Of course, that gave us more squeezing time with Jack, who is now 3 weeks old:

jack3weeks.jpg jackhalfasleep.jpg

Hope your day is enjoyable and creative! Hugs, Carla